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I am Bishop. Dr. G.D. Milongton Babu, the pastor of the Sheaf and Grace Ministries in Malakapalli, India.   I am a resident of Malakapalli, which is located in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India.   Formerly I was an employee in Indian Railways a Ministry of the Union Government.  I served the railways for 15years until my life was change through Jesus Christ.  We have partnered with Bless Ministries Mobile, USA to represent them and help build the visions of ministries in India.  

My parents gave me a good childhood where I was raised in the Christian lifestyle.  Though I was a regular student in the Sunday School, I did not experience true Christian faith until 1987 when I had a vision in the midnight and God called out to me saying, “For Jacob my servant’s sake and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name” Isaiah 45:4.  I did not accept His call and I continued in my employment with the railways.

That year I had contracted a severe disease that made the doctors believe I would not survive.  That same night we were given this bad report from the doctors, I was made alive for Christ.  The Heavenly Father spoke to me and said, “My son don’t worry, this ailment was not caused to your death but that the Lord be glorified through this trail”  On that same night Jesus commissioned me for His holy service through Isaiah 61:1 The spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim the liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.  By His guidance I joined in a Bible college for three years, which I have faithfully and prayerfully finished and started the ministry. 

The Bible teaches that, “Where there is no vision the people will perish” Proverbs 29;18.  By our vision to reach into the extreme areas, we are rebuking through His blood, we are rescuing by His Spirit,  and we are preaching to the barbarous people.  We have all dedicated our lives and are determined to live or even die for the cause of Jesus Christ.

When we first started the church we had only five believers and two co-workers.  The Holy Spirit was rich in our midst that made our worship services exciting, spontaneous, filled with enthusiasm, unity and love.  Church members are increasing daily and the ministry is developing with great joy.

The Lord guided me to the extreme outreaches for the ministry, where there is no proper conveyances or transportation.  However, I accepted and consented to His call and I am determined to preach His word as we establish and edify the kingdom until his return.  We followed the example in Mark 6:6 were Jesus went around teaching from village to village.  In this same manner we are preaching the good news of Jesus Christ in all the villages, rural, and urban areas with our team of thirty pastors.  We are narrating the scriptures to all the people and causing them to confess their sins as the turn to Jesus Christ as their Savior.

In 2006 the Holy Spirit led us to start building an new work in Odisha, India's north eastern state.  The plight of Christians in Odisha is severe as they continue to endure anti-Christian riots.  Scores of believers, pastor's wives, and young daughters are being raped, and nuns are being burnt alive.  Countless churches, houses and shops have been gutted because of the Christian faith.  Even the Christian orphanages are not being spared.  Hindus are retaliating with this action of hatred and massacres because Christians killed Swami Laxmanananda Saraswathi, one of their leaders.

The Kandhamal District was the epicenter of the communal riots where most of the Christians were killed.  In the village of Barakhama Hindus attacked the Christian dwellings with guns and bombs; torturing church members and church leaders without mercy.

In July of this year many of our people have experience devastating problems from flooding due to heavy rains.  The district of Kandhamal was completely immersed under water.  We are working the all the villages to help restore what people have lost.  

We are now working in three districts: Kandamal, Koraput, and Kandhar.  There are many requirements for us to maintain this ministry but we have a strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  The wisdom and teaching we receive from Bless Ministries Mobile USA is our only outside source for continued spiritual growth.  Pastor Johnny Holland's ability to impart illuminating and divine inspiration builds up our understanding to respond in life situations according to God's point of view.  His teachings are given to him by the Holy Spirit to grant specific insights and understanding so we are better able to proceed in edification of the Kingdom of God.

As we travel in our Gospel Outreach programs to various places, we find children left on roads, having no food, no proper clothes and no one to care for them.   We talk to these children and bring them to one of our orphan homes in Malakapalli, West Godavari district or in Ambaguda, Koraput district of Odisha;  where we provide them with food, shelter, clothes, education and medical aid.   We are raising them up in Christian discipline with the motive of “Taming the Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”.

In 2003, while I sharing the word of God from 4th Chapter of Gospel of John in the village of Burugupadu, a women came running to me, fell at my feet and started crying.   When I consoled her with prayer she shared her life story with me stating that she was prostitute.  When she heard about Jesus giving living water to Samaritan women and her life changed, this woman wanted to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and leave her profession of prostitution.  I praised Lord for her decision and baptized her in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  After getting baptized her life became hard to live as there in no income for woman that has left being in prostitution.  We brought her to Malakapalli and sent her to a training program where she was trained in sewing various clothing products.  After she completed her training we presented her with a sewing machine.  

The woman started to live as witness of Christ while earning her livelihood by sewing and selling her products.   She would share her witness of Jesus in her life during our Gospel Outreach Programs which led more women who were prostitutes, un-wedded mothers and widows to hear the word of God and accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Out of this great move of God we have initiated the New Life Center where we reach out to these type of women and give them food, shelter and the word of God.  We guide them in Bible training, daily prayers, and training in sewing various clothing products.  Once they complete the training we present them with a sewing machine and let go them from New Life Center to make their own living.  At present we have two New Life Centers, one in Malakapalli, West Godavari district where we have a church; and another in Ambaguda, Koraput district of Odisha where our other church is.   Sufficient funds to keep the centers running has become difficult, sometimes requiring the training to stop until more funds are available.  At this time we are unable to present sewing machines to our graduates.  Please continue praying for this noble work for the glory our mighty Lord.


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