Our ministry plans are offered to assist ministry in growing their vision.   A ministry plan is not just for getting money.  It is to help grow the entire purpose you have set for your ministry.  After we analyze the information and history of a ministry we pray over the vision they have set for themselves.   We design a ministry plan that will help their specific needs.


None of our ministry plans are legal agreements.  It must be understood we want to help ministries grow into strong stable bases that are assisting other ministries to do the same.  As the Lord grows our abilities, we will continue to help grow ministry vision.  We are trusting him for the provisions to build the ministry plans and we need our partners to do the same.  It must be understood we are waiting on the Lord for means to carry out the things we share in our ministry plans.  All partners must depend upon the Holy Spirit for his testimony concerning the plan we send them.  Then, as the Lord gives us the means, we will progress to build the plan, step-by-step.


We do need all partners to understand their personal income and their ministries income IS NOT our responsibility.  We do plan on assisting ministry but we do not work into our plans being the only means of support.  Because we depend upon the Lord for all our needs it is not reasonable for anyone to expect we will be their entire support element or that we can supply every need a ministry may have.


When a ministry compares what God is doing in Bless Ministries to the things they know the Lord wants them to do, the Holy Spirit will testify that our connection with them is divinely appointed to help meet needs according to His will.


The goal of our ministry plan is to help grow areas of pastoral finance, ministry finances, building projects, discipleship, and evangelistic outreaches.  We look at each ministry vision and combine our experience to draft a very detailed course we would like to help build.  As the Lord provides the means we start small by applying first prayer and discipleship techniques as we agree together over the first steps to making the plan work.  As God supplies more we grow the process and help each ministry in building their vision.

Until the Lord supplies us with the means to support you with finances we will not be sending out any ministry plans.