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Money on the Door

A testimony by Johnny Holland

Founder and Pastor of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.


My family and I had been building Bless Ministries of Mobile for eighteen years before the Lord let us take the ministry public.  I had always wanted to build a website and a Facebook page for the ministry but the Lord would not allow me to.  He kept telling me it was not time yet, wait and be patient.  I had my own Facebook page but I was not allowed to reach out and tell people about Bless Ministries through my page either.  Then one day everything changed.

It was Saturday, September 26, 2015, and we were spending the morning as usual when around 2:30 that afternoon my wife Ruth Ann went out to get the mail.  As she was coming back in she noticed an envelope taped to the bottom of our front door.  It was tape backwards, so as to not see the large writing that was on it.   On the front side of envelope was written in large letters, "God loves you very much.  Give all honor, praise, and thanks to Him who reigns on high.  Shalom."  Inside was ten $100 bills, and ten $20 bills for a total of $1200.  We never heard anyone coming to the door, nor did the dogs.  Somehow God moved upon someone or he had angles place the money there.  We were rejoicing and praising God for his goodness and faithfulness to us. 

Money on the Door.jpg

After we finished praising Him and thanking Him for this wonderful gift, I asked the Lord what He wanted us to do with it.  He told me to use it for our household.  


The next day the Lord told me to go public with the ministry and start reach out to people and ministries.  He told me to build a Facebook page and a ministry website.  My son Jason started building a website and I built a Bless Ministry Mobile Facebook page.  I started friending people and ministries on my person Facebook page and directed them to the ministry page.  We paid for our webhosting and got online the last week of October. 


It has been two years now and today (9/30/2017) we paid for the website for the third year. 

Hallelujah!  God has been faithful and He is continues to work in ways beyond our understanding!

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