Mbale, Uganda

In January 2018 Bishop Wambede Samuel Rogers, from the Untied Mission Church Life Ministry in Bumalakha, Unganda, opened our second Manthano School of Ministries in Mbale, Uganda.  They registered 25 student with 8 staff members to administer the school.


Wambede Samuel Rogers


We issued the staff their certificates of license appointing each one to their positions.


Kutosi Steven


Mucholi Andrew


Wamdeha Isaac


The school has finished their first full year of classes with 23 students remaining for the second year that will begin in January 2019.


President:  Bishop Wambede Samuel Rogers

Pastor of the United Mission Church Life Ministry,

Bumalakha Village, Uganda

Present Curriculum Level Offered:  Associate of Theology (A.Th.)

Present enrollment:  25 students

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Equipment Project

We need a laptop computer and a phone so we can better access the courses for teaching during class time.  We have been limited with our ability to present the courses to our students from the Bless Ministries website because we do not have a way to download the courses or easy access to the things we receive from our mother school in the United States.  This project fund raiser is to help us obtain what we need for our students to view the courses and receive printable items necessary for our administration.   

To see more about this project click this link:     MSM Uganda Project Page

Joshua Wambede (2).jpg

Due to our President's health conditions it has become necessary for his son, Joshua Wambede to assist him as the School Administer until such time Sam Roger Wambede has recovered to normal health.  The daily activities of the school will continue as normal.

Joshua Wambede (3).jpg

In October they endured heavy rains that has destroyed much of the surrounding villages with landslides.  Two churches were completely submerged and some died from the disaster.  Please pray for the school, their churches and the families who are dealing with the lose of loved ones.  

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