Projects for
Manthano School of Ministries

Mbale, Uganda

Equipment Project

We need a laptop computer and a phone so we can better access the courses for teaching during class time.  We have been limited with our ability to present the courses to our students from the Bless Ministries website because we do not have a way to download the courses or easy access to the things we receive from our mother school in the United States.  This project fund raiser is to help us obtain what we need for our students to view the courses and receive printable items necessary for our administration.  



The necessary equipment and fees for setup is a total of $1,970:

     1) Dell Laptop Vostro 3500, 15.6 inch Screen is about $920.

     2) Samsung Galaxy A72 Phone is about $500.

     3) Internet installation is about $450.

     4) Internet monthly fee is about $85 x 12 = $1020 for the first year.

Please pray for what you can do to help us in this goal.

May the Lord bless you for your kindness.


Project Goal:  $1970 USD       Received:  $0.00     Completed:          0%