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I am Nafees Yousaf the son of Evangelist Victoria who is the founder of her own ministry in Lahore.  I was raised in a good Christian environment by my mother.  When I was fifteen years she felt the call of God on her and she started the Mercy of Christ to the World Ministry.

My mother had a difficult life when she first married my father.  She being a Christian young woman, desired to attend church services.  My father would beat on her to keep her from going to church.   He beat on her so much it affected her ability birth healthy children.  Her first five children died just days or weeks after they were born.  My mother kept crying out to the Lord in faith, never giving up.   Many people she knew told her to go to Satan and do magic, then she would get a child that would live.  She never gave up on the Lord who heard her after five years of praying and she was able to carry me through a normal pregnancy.  I was born in 1994 as my other's first living child.  She also has had my sister Kayynat.  

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1. Me: Nafees Yousaf    2. My Father: Yousaf Waseem   

3. My Sister:  Kaynat Yousaf   4. My Mother: Victoria Yousaf

My father was saved and my parents started experiencing very difficult times having to live in a one room home with our family from 1995 to 2014.  But they never gave up trusting the Lord and continued building the Mercy of Christ to the World Ministry.  You can learn more about our wonderful ministry by clicking this link:

My mother made me the Administrator over her ministry.  My duties require me to care for the daily activities of ministry and work the financial needs.  It has been my desire to become a pastor of a church also, and I know that was going to take some time because my parents have many more years to live before I would step up to assume being the pastor for Mercy of Christ to the World Ministries.  I kept praying to the Lord about being a pastor while I continued working as an administrator in our ministry.

On December 16, 2016 I was connected with Pastor Johnny Holland on Facebook.  We discussed things about each one's ministries and left website information with each other.  We connected again a few days later and Pastor Johnny sent me a series of email describing Bless Ministries Mobile USA.   He was wanting to place a church in Lahore so after more communication and more understanding the partnership we have through Bless Ministries, I decided to help Pastor Johnny by becoming the pastor of Bless Ministries Church of Lahore, Pakistan.

With all the experience I have gained working in Mercy of Christ to the World Ministries, I understand what it is like trying to build a Christian ministry in a Muslim control country.  The vision I have for Bless Ministries Church of Lahore is to preach the Word of God wherever I can while feeding the hungry and poor people our Pakistan.  There are many children needing clothing and shelter because they have no one nor any way to care for themselves.  We are trying to provide ways for their education so they can overcome the stigma these children live in. 

It is also our goal to reach into parts of Africa, India, and South Asia with the gospel, food supplies and financial aid for the poor of these countries.   Bless Ministries Mobile USA is networking with ministries around the world with hope for ministries like ours to meet their goals and visions.  We will be contributing to these nations on a large scale through the assistance we get from Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  As God pours into them, they are pouring into us, and we will pour into the nations of the world.

We were issued a certificate of license and establishment letter by Bless Ministries Mobile USA on March 27, 2017, making me the Pastor of Bless Ministries Church Lahore, Pakistan.

We are moving forward in our work of winning souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus has done many things among us as we preach, distribute bibles, and share food to the hungry and needy.  We always feed people when they come to our open crusades.  We were having this one event in December 2016 and we were expecting a little over four hundred people for the crusade.  On the morning of the event we have several thousand people show.  We only had food for four to five hundred.  We prayed over the food and a miracle took place just like when Jesus fed the 5000.  As the people kept coming to eat, the food kept lasting.  We never ran out of food and everyone had plenty to eat.

There is much persecution here in Pakistan for those who choose to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Muslim people do not behave well with us.  They beat us, rape our girls and women, beat our pastors, and even kill them.  But we are not afraid to preach the Word of God to the people.  We understand the risks, but the price is not too high to standup for the poor and needy of our nation.

We often distribute Bibles to the needy, helpless and homeless people who are unable to buy them but has passion to read the Word of God.   We are in needed about 120 Urdu Language Bibles.  We are praying Lord will provide a way for us to receive them.

Please help us meet the challenges of being a Christian in our nation by donating to our cause.  The message of Jesus Christ must be preached in Pakistan with courage and faith, if Pakistan is going to become a Christian nation.   This is not impossible to do, but we need your help.   Please click the donation button and make a generous gift to our ministry.  Consider supporting us each month to make a real difference for our new ministry.

And Please remember to pray for us.  Thank you.