Bless Ministries of Gucha, Kenya

Gucha, Kenya


I am Nicodemus Ondieki, the pastor of Bless Ministries of Gucha, located in Gucha, on the far west side of Kenya, Africa.



We are a Church committed to teaching the everlasting message to the unreached families, orphaned children, people living with disabilities, marginalized groups, and aged people.  These people are  experiencing high levels of object poverty and are inflicted with horrible jiggers, bedbugs, and non-communicable diseases.  It is our heart's desire to show the hopeless how to worship in truth and spirit as they see faith works with action.

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I was born the third child of James Ayienda and Consipter Nyaboke Ondieki in 1993, in the village of Matierio, Kisii County, Kenya.  I as named after my grandfather Mogaka, according to our traditions and culture, that says, "The boy to be born must be named the name of his grandfather".  May parents were peasant formers living in a clay soil house, on a little piece of land.  I have a brother and three sisters.  It was very difficult for my parents to work the land and have enough for us to eat, but what I learned from this lifestyle has helped me to learn how to grow vegetables from the dry land, in harsh conditions.

In 1998 I start my primary education at Bombaba.  Two years later my father endured a accident that left him permanently disabled and he lost his job.  This forced my mother to work and sustain our family.  Because of the struggles my parents faced we were unable to have good clothes or many of the normal basic needs, and our neighbors began discriminating towards us to the point we were living in isolation.  Things were so back my elder sister Damaris had to drop out of school and marry a carpenter.  Damaris was able to assist my parents with school fees and food for the rest of us children.


After I passed the Kenya Certified Primary Education test in 2006, my primary education was complete.  I met a religion teacher who inspired me with knowledge in the scriptures and awarded me a holy bible.  I started preparing morning and evening having prayers and studying from the teacher's lessons.   One night I heard a special voice calling me to wake up and pray.  I saw an angel standing in front of me saying, "Through your faith since you were in your mother's womb, you were chosen to be God's servant."  I said, "Amen!"  Then the angel disappeared.  From that moment I have come to believe and trust God to provide everything I would need according to Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it will give to you." 


In 2010 I was walking the streets in the towns of Ogembo and Mogonga and I was seeing the great need that exist for widows, orphans, and the homeless.  The more I walked the streets, the more I was heartbroken over the hopeless conditions these people were living in.  I came upon a woman carrying a baby and feeding her child left over from brew called busaa.  This is a beer that is typically made from cereals that is fermented to create the alcoholic beverage.  When I asked why she was feeding this to her child she expressed how she felt lucky to have found it since they had gone two weeks without anything.  She shared how her husband was a drunkard that never had formal employment and only worked unskilled contract jobs and did not support them.  I shared this woman's story with some friends who bought the woman and her children some food for that day.


That evening I sat with these friends and we began things of solutions for raising finances to help the suffering people of our communities.  From these meetings starting in 2014, we were able to organize private individuals into a group that uses the funds from well-wishers, community participation, local and national members of the Horizon Self-help organization to form a community outreach for changing the conditions of the impoverished and poor.   In 2016 this organization was registered as the Gucha Community Based Organization.


From  2010-2011 I was enrolled in a computer training course at St. Annes College.  In 2012-2016 I enrolled as a part time student at the University of Kisii, studying human resource management.   Because there are so many pagans, unbelievers, drug and alcohol addicts in our area of Kenya, after finishing my degree in Human Resource Management,  I decided to change my studies and take up Christian ministry courses in theology, to better prepare myself for my true passion.  I was able to find enough well-wishers, friends, and other concerned individuals that helped me raise the school fees.


In 2014 I was marred to my wife, Velmah Ontuga Mogaka, and we were blessed with our son, Brighton, in 2015.


In 2017, I started a small ministry church with 10 members.  Our aim was to turn ships of God from sins help the to follow God's commands.  We started meeting under the shade of the trees and twice in a week visited them in their various homes.  We faced many of challenges, but through faith (John: 7:38, Mathew 17:20 Ephesians 3:16-17), I continued praying and working, despite the many discouragements we received from outsiders.  As we the people become stronger in faith, I continued passing through every village, praying for God to guides us.  The more we encouraged the poor, vulnerable families we were assisting, the more people came.  Now the members are at 150.

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On July 27th, 2020, as I was sleeping I kept seeing the name "Bless Ministries" appearing in my mind.  The dream was so strong it woke me up at 12:00 a.m..  I wrote the name down and prayed to the Heavenly Father that my mind would allow me to rest until morning.  That morning at 8:00 a.m. I accessed an internet phone and searched the name "Bless Ministries.  When I found that there was a website with the exact ministry name, I was amazed to see the that everything I was dreaming about was showing on this website.  My heart filled with joy as I read through the website and I knew that the Our Father in heaven had directed me to find Bless Ministries Mobile USA. 

The follow are things we are teaching in our communities and training people to so they can change the social economy of their families.


Crop Education. 

Our organization is performing projects in small scale farming which boost the ministry and helps us to carry on daily activities.  These projects include; Napier grass growing, vegetable, brick making, and poultry keeping.  By empowering vulnerable families to grow crops, and raise animals, it will supply them with food and money to care for their families.

Jigger Treatment. 

Teach people how to spray and fumigate their homes with chemicals to eliminate the infestation of jiggers and bedbugs that is so common in our communities.  We also provide them with medication and regular monitoring to stop the infections people receive from the infestation of bugs.

Training Education. 

Most of our people do not have any form of employment.  What informal contractual work they can get only earns them less than a dollar per day.  We identify training programs and match students from the poor and less privileged in our society to get them proper training for jobs and trade skilled labor. 

Environmental Health and Sanitization.  As we minister to families and villages we teach the people how to clean, sanitize, and maintain their homes and property so they remain free from diseases and free from bug infestation. 

Capacity Building. 

Capacity building activities are geared towards strengthening the Kenyan authorities’ ability to manage refugees according to international norms, to ensure that adequate laws are passed and relevant policies implemented so that refugee issues such as access to asylum, reception and care of refugees, promotion of self-reliance of refugees and the realization of durable solutions are handled effectively. These objectives cannot be accomplished alone. It requires a partnership framework involving host and donor governments, humanitarian assistance and developmental agencies, civil society, NGOs, as well as the refugees themselves.

Guidance and Counseling.  Many people die at young ages because they need informed on wholesome family and parental practices that alien with the scriptures.  Our people need to be guidance and counseling to prevent HIV and Aid, and non-communicable diseases that can be prevented with good training and proper immunizations.   Additionally Christian training needs taught to help prevent early child pregnancy and child abuse.

We continue to work teaching people the need for good hospitality, nurturing the talents of the youth,  the benefits of human rights, a good education, and how to have honorable fellowship among the churches and their members.


We have many projects we are developing in our communities.  Pray with us that God will empower us to complete the great things we are being led to do by the Holy Spirit.  Please pray for what the Lord would have you do that can help us here.  Consider sending a donation and help us as we move forward with the gospel of Jesus Christ, developing healthy churches and communities.