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Non-Student Studies


Most of our courses are directed to the basic things one needs in ministry.  But for those who would like to have more experience and knowledge as a disciple of Jesus Christ, you can select the courses that interest you.  Learning practical things to increase your wisdom will make you a better student of the Bible.  


Have you ever wanted to learn something just for the sake of learning?  Would you like to enjoy studying the Bible without the pressures of the classroom or dealing with the struggles of being a college student with assignments and homework?   We encourage you to look through our courses and study the information without having to enroll or do all the work demanded of the students working toward a degree.  

You may use our courses to enjoy the information and grow in your knowledge of the bible and ministry, or to teach others.  Please do not charge anyone for this information but feel free to hand it out to anyone you wish.  This opportunity is free to any who wants to use the information.  

To obtain credit as a student you must enroll in one of the schools or online and do the required assignments.


To access available courses double click the titles below and begin your experience of learning.

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