Gospel For All Nations Ministries

Lahore, Pakistan

Evangelist Nusrat Fazal and her husband Asif Masih have been preaching the gospel in Pakistan for more than twenty three year, with a passion to see the nation of Pakistan become transformed by the message of Jesus Christ.  They approach their ministry with a burning desire to see the entire lifestyle of all Pakistani people improved so they can live in true freedom from the oppression of their Muslim government.  The purpose and calling of the Gospel for all Nations Ministries is to bring the gospel to everyone so the dynamics of their country can change for every generation.  They are doing this by showing how the gospel can improve life to make opportunities so every citizen can have a good education and so every citizen can work to build their own jobs, homes and living conditions; as they grow together in the love of Jesus Christ.

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The partnership Evangelist Nusrat has with Bless Ministries Mobile USA testifies to her that God's presence is in their ministry to eventually help the Pakistani people.  As the Lord provides assistance to them through Bless Ministries, they will be more able to complete the vision they have for their nation. 

They have developed several projects to help them grow in their vision.  These projects will transform the poor, liberate the persecuted, and provide regular communication, training and awareness for Christians in Pakistan.  Their passion for these projects absorbs Evangelist Nusrat and her husband.    Everything they do comes down to their deep desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and change the dynamics for all Christians in their country.

Their greatest project is Education.  The Gospel For All Nations Ministries Pakistan has developed very detailed objectives and procedures to educate Pakistani Christians so they can be uplifted religiously, spiritually, morally, economically and emotionally; to have freedom of expression and a better sense of being Christians; in order to secure Christianity for many more generations to come.

Their set objectives are:

  • To educate the children and adults in established schools teaching Christians principles.

  • To make them able to read and study the Bible themselves.

  • To sharpen their skill to grow their income and build small businesses.

  • To raise the Christian community's worth and self-respect.

  • To increase the faith of people.

  • To build awareness of all basic rights and constitutional laws.

  • To eliminate the curse of poverty from Christianity.

  • To remove the beggar mentality and turn it into a donor mentality

Issues they plan to addressed and eventually change, improve, or do away with by preaching and teaching the truths from God's word are:

  • Terrorism.

  • Humiliation of Humans rights.

  • Selling organs of young children.

  • Betrayal, selling of women.

  • Lack of security for common people.

  • Poverty.

  • No economic interest for industrial business.

  • Territory of Pakistan and boundaries are not saved.

  • Lack of electrical power and good water supply.

  • Unemployment.

  • Illiteracy.

  • Bribery.

  • Over population.

  • Islamic superiority. 

  • Internal civil war.

Build Wells

It is our goal at Bless Ministries Mobile USA to help Evangelist Nusrat and Asif Masih reach their vision for Pakistan as the Lord continues to enlarge our finances allowing us to become more and more hands on with the Gospel For All Nations Ministries in Pakistan. 

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