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Naymiobo Christ Faith Fellowship

Nyamiobo, Kenya

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I’m Hezron Oyaro Ntabo the pastor of the Nyaamiobo Christ Faith Felloship in Nyamiobo, Kenya.  I am married to Mary Gesare Oyaro and we have a son, Amos, and a daughter, Zipporah.

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 Mary Gesare Oyaro 

 Amos and Wife


 Oyaro Hezron

I was a Seveth Day Adventist before a friend of mine, in Nairobi, shared the message of salvation in Jesus Christ with me.  He explained that salvation was only through faith in Jesus Christ.  I was taught in my former denomination that we enter heaven through keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I was a religious person but I was not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ so I used to drinking alcohol while going to church.  I thought my baptism will save me, but the message from my friend showed me how I was not truly born again.  My friend prayed for me and led me in the a prayer of repentance and I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord of my life.


In 2015 my family and I started sharing my newly found faith with my family and some friends.  As people kept accepting Jesus by faith I continued teaching this bible study group in my house until it got too big and we started meeting under the shade trees.  We started with five members and now before too long we were at twenty-five members. 


We have not been able to build a church building or purchase a tent so we can worship together even when it is raining.  We hope to have something in place before the rainy season begins.

Presently I am a small scale farmer cultivating maize, beans, and vegetables to raise income for my family.  This also helps me to have a small means for doing ministry in our community. 


After church on Sundays, we go into the homes of the nearby villages to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We go two by two like Jesus sent out his disciples.  We share the good news of Jesus Christ and pray for the sicknesses of the people.  As we are going we have seen the need for the many orphans in our area.  It is our desire to help the needy and orphans as we continue to spread the gospel.