In 1997 Patrick Jackson received Christ as his personal savior and started ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He married to Mercy in 1999 and they have continued as a pastor family having four children.

Bless Ministries Church

Ngabu, Malawi

Pastor Patrick Jackson​

Bishop Jackson has a passion for the nation of Malawi to give them hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Besides growing congregations in his local area he has reached far beyond Ngabu, building churches into the outreaches of Malawi and crossing the border into Mozambique.  His ministry has over thirty pastors and churches and they are growing daily. 

Their newest church organized June 12, 2016 as Bless Ministries Church of Nsange, Malawi.

Another church in Malawi,  Bless Ministries Church at Phokera.

The Pastor and his Wife

One of their greatest needs is Bibles in the Chichewa language.  Literature and bibles being available to people in their native language is very difficult to get because it coast so much.  Many times the only bible they can read from is the one a pastor has.   Pastor Jackson's first goal to reach is obtaining bibles to distribute in the churches.

The Apostle Paul said he ordained in all the churches those who were called of God (1Corinthians 7:17).    One of the things Bless Ministries of Mobile USA does to assists ministries is ordain ministers.  Because we have not met most of the ministers we partner with, we send certificates of license to them first.  As we visit each mission point we will lay hands of them and ordain in a formal service.  Here are ministers and pastors we licensed through Bless Ministries Church Ngabu, Malawi.

In October 2017 we started buildings our own Mathano School of Ministries. The bible college opened with 12 students.  We are finishing our first year of classes at the end of November 2018.


Joseph Lambiki

Bless Ministries Church 


Click this link to see our school webpage:  Manthano School of Ministries, Uganda 


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