India Revival Ministry

Bangalore, India


Hello dear friend.  We are Paul and Shanthi Solomon, called and chosen by God to minister among the orthodox and strict Hindu families.  Paul and I come from Hindu families.  As teenagers our eyes were opened to see Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins, bringing both of us to the place of repentance where we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  We have been serving the Lord together for more than twenty-five years.  My Hindu name is Shanthi.  Once we were married Paul changed my name to a Christian name, Priscilla, but he calls me Prisy.  My Facebook name is Prisy Paul.

Watch this video of Prisy's Testimony:

Those many years ago as teenagers the Lord transformed us when we did not know anything about Jesus or what it meant to be a Christian.  Now, by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, we are shinning for the glory of God by sharing the gospel to the people of India.  We are reaching many addicted youngsters, non-Christians, the poor and needy that live in the slums, those with leprosy, and the aged and widowed.


We are holding women's fellowships, Youth for Truth campaigns, giving out Holy Bibles, and evangelizing among the people, show a faith-lifestyle with Jesus Christ.  We are able to work day and night praying for a revival of holiness and righteousness in India and around the world.