Bless Ministries Church of the

Freedom Colony

Viskhapatnam, India

Hello, My name is Perika Ratna Raju.  I am the pastor of the Bless Ministries Church in the Freedom Colony of Visakhapatnam, India, which is the largest city in the State of Andhra Pradesh, located on the eastern side of India.


Fifteen years ago I started building a ministry after being inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel among the idol worshipers and show them there was a living god who loves them and cares about them. 

When we first started building the church we worked with hardly anything but we were able to build a small space where we would be out of the rain and have some sitting area.  The work has expanded into the surrounding villages with two smaller house congregations in two other villages.  We have forty adult members and thirty children who attend our regular Sunday services in Viskhapatnam.  We called the ministry the Apostolic Faith Home Ministry. 

In September 2016 we became partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA, who builds us up in the Lord and has generated a new hope for our ministry.  Out of our new hope we requested having our ministry name changed to reflect this partnership so we were re-established on November 11, 2016 as the Bless Ministries Church of Freedom Colony, Viskhapatnam, India.

One of our greatest outreaches is the street children and orphans that are left without anyone to look after them.  Most of the time they are neglected by their parents or they have no living parents due to poverty and disease.  These children do not realize the difference between good and bad because they must do what they can just to survive day by day.  To help keep them from continuing deeper in their unholy lifestyles we are holding small services for them where we provide them with biscuits, chocolates and other snacks twice a day.  We use this opportunity to present to them the bible stories, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and many other teachings that shows them how pray and become better human beings.  It is our goal to build a facility that will provide housing and a learning center for them so they can grow up and become strong, faithful believers in Jesus Christ.

Another exciting outreach we have is the Visakha Rural Areas Pastors Fellowship.

Because so many people in our area of India are idol worshipers we have developed a pastors fellowship to encourage, teach, and strengthen local and rural pastors so they can better deal with the overwhelming obstacles we face to reach the lost.  There was no one supporting pastors who God has risen up to preach the gospel and we felt the need to reach out and organize something that would unite Christians churches to better attack the threat of idolatry in our communities.   Our pastors fellowship is doing just that. 

We are encouraged with the theology lessons we receive through Bless Ministries Mobile USA and we know in time the Lord is going to use our partnership with them to help us meet financial goals.  As the Lord manifests the promises he has given to Pastor Johnny Holland and his staff in Mobile, Alabama, USA, they are committed to assist our work here.

We continue reaching into our communities by doing street evangelism. 

We go house to house sharing the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We now have thirty pastors who have joined the fellowship and Bless Ministries Mobile USA has helped by issuing us certificates of license and establishment letters  for all thirty pastors and churches, unifying our efforts as a fellowship.

Please consider our ministry as you pray for us.  You can assist us by making a donation to help us continue reaching the lost people of our surrounding area.  Click on the donation button and give according to what the Lord has placed on your heart.  Pastor Johnny Holland has promised your kind offering will be sent to us.


Thank you for reading our webpage and please remember to pray for us.