His Word Life Ministry 

Karachi, Pakistan

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I am Pervaiz Raja Younus.  My family belonged to the Catholic faith and some of my family worshiped other gods.  I was not a good man in my past, but when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in 1994, the grace of God changed my heart and my life.  After I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1996 I starting serving God.  Within two years many people had been saved.

The School

Sunday School

Ministry to the community and villages.

In 2003 was married to a woman who is faithful to the Lord God.  We went nine years without having a baby.  One night in 2012 I was praying and the Holy Spirit told me to keep my hand on my wife's belly.  The next month she became pregnant with our first child.  Now we have two sons who are both in school. 



Church name:  Living Word Church in Karachi, Pakistan

We have a school that is ran through the Church ministry

Please remember to pray for us as they continue reaching the people of Pakistan.