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God Talks to You

God Wants to Talk to You!

You have wanted God to speak to you for a long time. You have wanted to talk to God and get answers back. This Website is an opportunity for you to have a dialogue with God. If you are willing to try these exercises, God will speak to you directly. Here are a few quotes from spiritual leaders who have tried the exercises:

Reverend Mark Holland: “After reading Dr. Perkinson's book, I spent several minutes quieting myself, and then I asked God if there was a message for me. “Mark I’ve missed you!” Although there were no words spoken, I felt this message very clearly. I was quite surprised. Daily I was involved with spiritual matters, praying, preaching, and counseling. Nevertheless, I discovered that God was lonely for me.”

Reverend Dave Waldowski: “This book and tape do not only “discuss” communication with God, moreover if you follow these simple principles you will “experience” and “hear” God’s voice on a daily basis.”

Reverend Steve Spielman: "Dr. Robert Perkinson has clearly been anointed to teach people how to draw closer to God. For the last year and a half, I have been using Dr. Perkinson's meditation tape twice a month in large group settings (which is not the best environment for a personal conversation with God)...still, the results have been phenomenal. I have witnessed literally hundreds of people have experiences with God through this meditation. Countless times after these groups, I have heard people testify that God touched them in some way...that they realized that God loves them...that God has forgiven them...they talk about finding some peace...they describe feelings of warmth, acceptance, happiness...the list goes on and on. In short, they have experienced God. Whether you are someone who is just beginning to seek after God, or someone who has walked with the Lord all your life, you will be blessed by hearing and reading what Dr. Perkinson has to share."

"Don't you think I want them all to hear. If they listen, they will hear. If they hear, they will believe."

God wants to communicate with you. That is why you are reading this website. It is no accident that you are here. This is a special moment in time. God has been calling you for a long time. God planted a seed inside of you a long time ago and you can feel this seed awakening as you read these words. When you were a child there was probably a moment when God spoke to you and you knew it was God. You felt God's call, but you didn't know what to do. You have always known you were going to do something important, but you didn't know what it was. Now you will find out God's plan for your life.

Growing up you tried to communicate with God, but you kept missing something. You learned how to pray and ask God for things, but you didn't know how to listen for God's voice. God is speaking to you now in a tender thought process inside of your mind.

You can stop reading if you want to. That’s what evil wants you to do. Evil doesn’t want you to get close to God. Evil wants you isolated from everybody. Evil wants you to think that there is no God, or if there is a God, God is mad at you. But if God were mad at you, you wouldn’t be feeling excited to read on.

You may have sought God in a religion, book or person but you ended up feeling frustrated. That seed God planted never awakened. God's presence seemed to elude you. But still from time to time you could feel God touch your heart. Somehow you knew God loved you.

To believe you must have a personal experience with God. A part of God lives inside of you. You are not God, and never will be, but God will talk to you inside of your mind. As you read this, you feel a gentle nudge. That is the Spirit of God awakening. Once it matures it is going to change the world. God is your creator, friend and father. He wants to tell you his plan for your life.

Try to be open-minded. If you have doubts—good, that means you are being honest with yourself. God can handle your doubts. When God speaks to you, you will know it is God--there will be no doubt. Of course, after the experience, doubt will come back. That is the force of evil. Evil doesn’t want you to communicate with God because once you do you are going to change human history. Imagine the God who knows everything about the past and the future, who knows everything about everyone, the God who has all the power, the God who can do anything, imagine this God talking to you.

Aren't you excited to find out what God has to say?

God is not going to be quiet in your life anymore. This is what he said to me:

"I want the world to know how much I love all things. I am the Lord God and I created all. I am going to do something to show the world I exist. I am going to speak to the people. My people must learn how to hear my voice. I yearn for deep communion with all people. I will not remain quiet. Listen to me. I have a plan for each of you, a plan that will bring you to the zenith of your creation. You can only reach this pinnacle of existence with my plan. I love you so much that I give you the choice to reject me. This rejection causes me great pain. I suffer for my children. A great wind is coming. It begins with the whisper of my voice. This wind will sweep the earth and consume the universe with love. I, the Lord God, am coming. I will strike my chord in every heart. I have been doing this since the beginning, but people have not listened. Even good people do not listen to me. People fill the churches and sing songs and listen to each other. I tell you, the time is here to listen to the Lord your God. If you do not, you will be isolated from me for all time. I will leave you to the darkness. You give me no alternative. In your heart, as you perceive this message, you know it is I. You cannot deny your God, any more than you can deny yourself. Listen to me. I am speaking, even now, to your heart."

The Force of Evil

The force of evil is also in your mind and it is at war with you. Evil is always connected to a feeling of fear. God is connected to a feeling of peace. Satan is the accuser. God is the comforter. Evil seduces you into breaking God's law and then shames you for what you did. Evil knows where you are vulnerable. If you are afraid of being poor, evil will tempt you with money. If you have sexual vulnerabilities, evil will tempt you sexually. Satan says you are stupid, ugly, no good, broken, worthless and unlovable. The goal of the Devil is to destroy your relationship with God. Evil never wants you to communicate with God. It will laugh at you as you read these words.

Remember, God has more power than evil and he loves you. You are God's child. His perfect work of art. God offers you a wonderful free gift--union with Him in everlasting paradise.

Essential Elements in Communicating with God

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me." (John 10:27)

Certain elements are required to make your first contact with God. This is where you practice listening for God's voice. It's like tuning in a radio station inside of your mind, but you are tuning for God’s thoughts. Once you know what God's voice is like, it's easier to find it again. Here are the components that are helpful in establishing the connection.


Find a quiet place. Little noises may be distracting, particularly at first. It helps most people to close their eyes. Choose a quiet place, get into a comfortable position and relax.


Be open to the possibility that there is a God. You don’t have to have a deep religious faith, but you have to be willing to let go and allow the communication to occur. You can’t make it happen. The words will come naturally without effort. Some people try too hard and get frustrated.

Listen for His Voice

The first communications from God will be short, usually one word or phrase. Start the conversation flowing by asking the right question: "God, what is the next step in my relationship with you?”

Ask the question as if God were present in the room with you. Don’t be afraid. God will not let you down. Now wait and listen. One word or phrase will silently come into your mind. This will be a tender thought process. Write down whatever God says. This communication will be accompanied with a feeling of peace.

The word or words directs you to take a long journey. If the word was believe, you take a journey so you can come to believe. If it was trust me you take a journey to learn how to trust God. If it was love, you take a journey to learn how to love.

Test the Communication

There are several ways to confirm that the communications come from God. This is called testing the spirits. Compare the communication with scripture. God will never disagree with himself, and he has spoken in the Bible. Check out the communication with other believers. Some have the gift of discernment. A prayer group or clergy person may be willing to help. If you need a direct test of the communication open the bible randomly and read where ever your eye hits on the page. Three things will be revealed at some point you as you read:

1. A feeling of peace.

2. The battle over your life. This might be hurdles between you and God.

3. The action you can take today to begin your new spiritual journey.


Discipline yourself to communicate with God every day. Things are not going to get right in your life until you spend quality time with God. Get a pad of paper and a pen and put it beside your bed. Every morning ask God, "God, what do you have to say to me today." Put the pen to the paper. Words will come, and when they do, write them down. It might be a word or two, a sentence or two, or a page or two. You will know when the communication is done. It is your responsibility to carry out what God tells you to do that day. This is the way to be happy, joyous and free.

Discover the Purpose For Your Life

As you continue your communications with God a time will come when he will tell you the plan for your life. This plan will awaken the seed completely and you will be given great power to carry the plan out. This plan will seem so fantastic that you will know that you are incapable of doing it. Remember, if you use God's power, you can do anything. With God all things are possible. All you have to do is take one step at a time and God will make the plan come true.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

Find A Spiritual Friend

It is important to ask a spiritual friend to help you. If you don't do this, evil will fool you and you will get lost. This person must be someone who is further along on the spiritual journey. Pray for this person to come into your life. Find a place of worship where you feel accepted. Tell your spiritual friend everything that happens between you and God. Share the details of your journey.

If you genuinely tried the exercises suggested here, you have made your first conscious contact with God. Don't stop! There are many more ways to hear God's voice. You can improve your relationship with God. You have a long journey ahead of you. This new adventure with God will give you happiness beyond your wildest dreams. I'm sure you can't wait to get going and learn more about how to hear God's voice. He wants to answer your questions and welcome you home.

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