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I. Where does sickness come from?

  • Sickness is from Satan and Demons.

  1. John 10:10; Job 2:3-7.

  2. The devil oppress people with sickness. Act 10:38

  3. We can understand his devises 2Corn 2:11.

  • God does not put sickness on the righteous since the Cross.

  1. God gives abundant life John 10:10

  2. God does not use evil to bring trials on people. James 1:13.

  3. God does not give us sickness to draw us closer to him.

  4. God only desires good for us. Jerm. 29:11.

II. We are to speak against sickness and command healing.

  • These signs follow those who believe (Mark 16:17).

  • He gave the gift of healing, 1Corn. 12:9.

  • Laying hands of the sick and they recover (Mark 16:18).

  • Jesus healed all sick he came in contact with:

Matthew 4:24; 8:13; 12:15; 14:14; 15:30; 19:2.

  • The Apostles healed all in the city Acts 5:16; 8:7.

  • Jesus said we will do great works than him: John 14:12.

  • Life and death is in the tongue: Prov 18:20-21.

III. We have already been healed by Jesus strips. Isa 53:5; 1Peter 2:24.

  • Ask in prayer believing and you shall receive:

Mt. 21:22; 1Jn 5;14-15; Philippians 4:6-7.

  • Desires of a righteous man will be granted. Prov. 10:24.

  • The prayers of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16.

  • If two or three agree on anything it will be done. Mt. 18:19.

IV. We have already received all spiritual blessing in Christ. Eph 1:3.

A Christmas present is ours under the tree but its effect is after

we receive it.

Don’t let anyone cheat you of these things. Col. 2:6-10.

  • In Christ is the fullness of the Godhead.

  • You have received Him, He is in You.

  • Walk in Him.

  • Be healed and walk in health.

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