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Royal Walk in Christ

Dr.Theresa Phillips

What's Your Take? I had a message sent to me..... I was Rebuked for my "Passion to the Royal Side of Our Walk of Christ" I was not offended but I was, thru this harsh very harsh rebuke... sensing I was somehow given a confirmation to the message that I must share it with the American Church! ..who by the way has mostly no, to nearly none understating about our Royal Role in Christ given to us by the Almighty Himself... ( but that is beginning to change ).

One does not gain access automatically to this realm.

It's not earned It not bought, it's not a demanded role.

It is by Revelation and Comprehension One knows it.

By a realm of Grace The Revelation is released.

Because Being Sent from the Throne is what I call an Ambassadorship of the Highest calling…

As a joint HEIR of The Christ, I can and am and will be seated in Heavenly Places Because I believe That the transfer of Earthen vessels is United by Presence to our

Heavenly calling... A Heavenly calling is very different than an earthly one... Both are equally important to The Lord Himself But,... thy don't carry the same access... They carry realms of influences in which one is called to release the Presence of GOD to that present sphere...

In Ministering from a Royal perspective, it's not competitive, it's not elitism.

It is however Positioned for Purpose to be declared by

1. Presence

2. Positioning

3. Knowledge aka Training

The Royal role is not exceptional its very exhaustive...

Royalty not as glamorous as one may believe, it is however grueling tasks of Protocols and boundaries and extensive disciplines, in which to MAINTAIN the standard of HIS Presence.

A Royal ambassador must Look, Talk, Feel and BE LIKE HIM..

Releasing his personality not one's own..

A King is NOT communized, He is A King…

A King is not bullied, He is a King…

A King demands respect at all times, Praise at all times, and Honor at all times.

In the USA we do not have a King..

In that alone, we have rebelled against the King in The Church (NOT SAYING WE NEED A KING OF THE US NO!! NO!! NO!! Our Republic if adhered to will succeed).

But ... as Christians we need to comprehend the realm and Sphere and Influence of the King of Kings, to shift what happening here in the below... Why..

The calling is being stepped up and the Demands are coming in strong by the Presence....

So today I lost a few friends because I believe and know I am Called to represent The King of Kings Here in the-below...

And my dear friends, that is who I am… I was Born for this day...... I AM NOT AFRAID ...(Joan of Arc)

HE REIGNS!!! AND IN ME!!! I awoke with this on my phone today CONFORMATION !! Thank GOD!

Ist Peter 2:9 "But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."

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