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Bless Ministries of Rapaka

Penugona, West Godavari, India 

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I am Pulavarthi David Raju, an independent servant of the Lord Jesus Christ in Tanuku, a town of West Godavari Districk, India.

I was raised in a Christian family as my father Samson was a pastor who started a church in Rapaka village.  I am married to Catherin, who was also raised in a Christian family.  After my father died I took on caring for the ministry and doing the work of the kingdom of God.

The ministry now has 55 pastors and Bible women under my leadership who work in 15 different villages or towns.   We use the motto that we perform both God's work and the work of human services.  There are 54 mandalas (land divisions much like counties) in our district.  We are reaching 10 mandalas a year with our evangelism teams.  It will take another five years before we finish just our district.

Our team of ministers have sacrificed their time and bodies to distribute gospel tracts, conduct open-air meetings, knock on every door in the mandala, and prepare cell groups and prayer warriors.    We stand in soup lines give out food and sharing all that we have for the needy.  We approach all of our efforts with prayer and power in the Holy Spirit to bring a great revival in India.

We have also been caring for 27 children who have lost their parents.  It is our vision to develop a children's home so we can properly care for these and other children in our area who are  underprivileged and destitute.   Some of the children's parents have to travel long distances to find employment and they leave their children to care for themselves.  It is our desire to continue caring for these children and someday have a proper children's home that can provide what they needs daily.

There are 330 million gods in the religious culture of India.  This has brought a great curse and much poverty to our country.  There are temples on every street and idol worship is prevalent everywhere leaving us with much sickness, poverty and restlessness.  This is because there is 1.3 billion people living in India and more than 84% are Hindu.  Only about 3% are Christians.  It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can set people free of all this unrest and waist.  For the past nine years we have been pioneering to reach the Hindus in our state of Andhra Pradesh.

We have managed to carry on this work though we have had no help from anyone other than the people of our own churches.  We have need for a good sound system, musical instrument, and a van to carry all the equipment to each event.  I started searching for help and ideas on the internet and I found a website called Bless Ministries Mobile USA located in Alabama in the United States. 

In June 2017 I contacted Bless Ministries and we started the process of becoming partners in Ministry.  Now we have all of our pastors and Bible women certified and licensed with all of our churches established and documented.

We are blessed by the Lord and our goals to reach the Hindu people are more in our grasp.  The innovations of Bless Ministries is enlightening us to understand more as we continue growing in spiritual knowledge and ministry experience. 

Thank you for looking at our webpage.  Pray for how the Lord would have you help us reach our vision to have revival in our land.  Please click the donate button and help us.


Thank you for your generosity and kindness. 

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