Vizazi Congo Ministries

Goma, D.R. Congo

I am Richard Bahati, the National Director of Vizazi Congo based in Goma, located in the North-Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  I have been married to Rachel Nilere for eight years.  We fully are convinced that we were created one for another and we are experiencing God’s wonders in our life, praises to Him!  

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God has blessed us with three cute children as you can see in this picture: Rosel MILKA is 7 years old, Roland MIKA is 5 years old, Raffael MANASSE is 2 years old.  We also have my two sisters living with us, Rebecca and Fazila.

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The Vizazi Congo is a non-denominational Christian Ministry accompanying Christian churches in DRC to develop a transformational ministry for children.   We train Sunday School teachers on how to teach God's Word to children in a way to transform their lives.  We have developed culturally relevant Bible teaching Resources such as Bible lesson books, Friend of Children Journal, and bible images for children that we use to accompany local churches as they prepare and run children events.  Our holiday bible camps and outings   allow us to teach, play, and pray with the children.  Our ministry is legally registered in the DRC and therefore allowed to expand its Mission throughout the DRC.

To better understand our Vision and what we have done, you can visit our website by clicking this link:  Our Facebook page is at

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Our ministry has an eight-member board consisting of six children leaders and two pastors that are from different Christian denominations in Goma Town. They were appointed by the General assembly for a three-year term.  We also have a staff consisting of the National Director, a Leadership Development Coordinator, a part-time Publishing Coordinator, and a part-time Accountant.

It was God appointed that I got to know Pastor Simon Kibonge, a partner in ministry with Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  He came to us seeking a way to have an internet connection.  We started providing him with an internet connection and we got to know Pastor Simon well.  He introduced us to Bless Ministries through their website.  After visiting the Bless Ministries website I realized that God has prepared something great in Bless Ministries for the growth of our vision here in the D.R. Congo.  Now that I understand their purpose, I can't wait to see our vision manifested through the help we receive from Bless Ministries Mobile USA.


Pastor Simon Kibonge

Bless Ministries Chruch, D.R. Congo


I was born in a Christian family that ensured I attended Sunday school but did not have a close relationship with Christ.   I was raised by my grandmother because my parents separated just three months after I was born.  My father had a physical disability due to a dangerous illness that caused my mother to not want to stay married to him.  It was not until after my grandmother's death I started looking for Christ in my life.  I started praying because I was living alone in a house and God found me there.  I got to know Him and he manifested himself in my life through a spiritual father that was a pastor in my village.  He taught me many things about God, salvation, and life.  I started singing in the children’s choir when I was still young and after many years I became a chief of the choir.  At my young age, I studied pedagogy and after secondary school, I became a teacher and founder of a primary school, that I led for thirteen years.  I got the chance to study at Lake Kivu Christian Center that prepares missionaries in eastern D.R. Congo.  It was during that training in April 2003, that I received Jesus-Christ as my Lord and Savior.  In 2013 I also attended the courses of Siloam Christian Education Ministries International under Pastor Bonaventure, based in Canada.

I have been teaching God’s Word to people in my church and outside my church for a long period. I am passionate about teaching God’s Word to children and young people.  I currently lead the Children's Ministry in my Church, the CEPAC BARAGA, Goma town.

Training of Leaders by volunteers at CEB
Bible Camp at ULPGL with children from C
Training of Leaders, Minova, November 20

The Vizazi Congo was born through the efforts of missionaries from the Every Generation Ministries out of California in the United States.  They arrived in Goma, DRC in 2011 to train children leaders in ways that help children to understand the Word God to transform their lives.  At the end of that training, a committee was set up to establish a national ministry that would be responsible for spreading this vision in all Christian churches and provinces of the DRC.  Since then, the Vizazi Congo began to train Sunday school leaders in Goma city and the surrounding regions.  After two years, the committee felt the need to register the Ministry with the government.  During that period, the coordinator who was leading the Vizazi Congo ministry resigned to work with another organization called Africa New Day.   The Board started the process of finding a National Director.  I was still leading the primary school and when I saw the vacancy announcement at my church.  I felt like I was the one they were looking for so I applied for the position.  At the end of the process, I was hired as National Director for the ministry in December 2015.  I started working after attending orientation in Kampala, Uganda in March 2016.

Training of Trainers in Sake, Masisi, Ma
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My role is to establish a National Ministry in the DRC that is governed, staffed, and funded by Christian Communities.  We are developing a growing number of model children workers to produce culturally relevant Bible teaching resources for leaders serving children in their local churches. 

After four years of ministry, we have seen God at using our now over 1400 teachers to impact the lives of children, Sunday school teachers, and parents in different churches throughout the Kivu provinces.  We have developed two Bible lesson books, four journals, and three holiday Bible camp curricula.


The focus of our teaching is five principles for the model children's worker found in Deuteronomy 6:1-9.  We teach leaders how to create a good RELATIONSHIP with God and with children, how to create EXPERIENTIAL activities to help children understand God’s Word, and how to present the Bible TRUTH to children that connect God’s Word to the children’s lives.  We show how to use small group DISCUSSION and lead children to RESPOND to God’s word by putting into practice what they have just learned in their everyday life.  We also teach them how they can present the message of Salvation to children that leads them to accept Christ as their Savior, and how to manage their classrooms to use Bible-based discipline when it is needed.

Bible Camp at CEPAC PHILADELPHIE, July 2
Bible Camp at CBCA Katoyi, Goma, Decembe
Joseph's Family at the Bible Camp, Janua
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Practice with children at Arche de l'All

Thank you for looking through this webpage.  We hope you have received enough information that you understand our mission and that you have become interested in what we are doing.  For more information please go to our website:   Pray about how the Lord would want you to help us and click the donate button as you follow the leading of the Lord in your heart.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

Practice with CHildren after training in