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Marani, Kenya

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I am Pastor Richard Marungu Mayiema from Kisii, Kenya in east Africa.

I was saved and received Jesus Christ as my personal savior at an early age, while I was still in my primary level of education.   I was raised by poor parents, Rev. Ayiema and Mrs. Robina Ayiema who were also saved and served in the house of God.   As I continued attending the church services I was trained to be a Sunday School leader and later a youth leader in the praise and worship.  While in the High School level I started observing the youth directors in our in and outside of our region.  The more I watched them and learned from them the more I felt the passion and call to join a Bible and discipleship class.

During this time I was receiving invitations from different churches and pastors to minister at their churches and conferences.  While I was ministering at one of the youths camp, I met a beautiful lady, Alice Kerubo, who was also a youth leader.   As we came to know each other better we realized our love in Christ and the plan God had for us.  Our love continued to grow and we later married in holy matrimony.  Now my beautiful wife is Alice Kerubo Marungu, who works as a teaching in our school.

Through the years the Lord has blessed us with five children:  Lameck Ragira, Everlyn Kemunto, Hassan Onyancha, Aaron Omwancha and Vincent Marungu.  We also have six grandchildren:  Daquin Gwaro, Brian Jolom, Selestine Nyaboke , Peris Kerubo, Clinton Momanyi and Ezra Onkundi.  Our family has become an important part of the overall ministry as they seek the Lord for their own gifts and callings.

In the 1980's God called me to His full time ministry and I became the pastor of the Grace Fellowship where I served for a number of years.  Later God confirmed me and called to start a new ministry called Maarani Jesus Worship Center, Orphanage Home and School.  We have been able to open up five other churches that we oversee under our ministry.

It is our vision to carry out the great commission and train people so they can impact the surrounding communities with the gospel as we teach them to be open and do the things the Lord places in their hearts.  We are sharing with all our members how to farm crops for food and how to share what they grow with those in need.  Much of the food received by the orphanage comes for the small farming done by the women of our church.

In searching for ways to improve our ministry I came across the website of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  I made was so moved by what I learned about their ministry I shared it with our church board.  We all agreed that we wanted the spiritual guidance provided through Pastor Johnny Holland and Bless Ministries.  We requested that our ministry name be changed to Bless Ministries Church of Maarani, Kenya and that our orphanage and school be changed to Bless Ministries Children's Home and School Maarani, Kenya.  On April 12, 2017 Bless Ministries Mobile USA granted our request and they issued documents to change your ministry names.  They also issued certificates of license to the pastors of our other churches.

We are now trusting the Lord for his provision to build up our churches, orphanage and school as we come alongside the vision of Bless Ministries.  The spiritual guidance, ministry experience, and training we receive through Bless Ministries programs gives us new hope and direction for our people.  We are encouraged by the promises the Lord has given Bless Ministries and we know that we are a part of these promise. 

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