I am Robert Ssemudu, the Missions Coordinator for the Way of Salvation Church in Masaka, Uganda.  I started working with the Way of Salvation Church in June 2019, after being the youth pastor for the Amazing miracle Center in Nyendo, Masaka, Uganda for over four years. 

Way of Salvation Mission's Department
Masaka, Uganda


Under the leadership of Pastor Emmanuel Mukisa, My wife and I train missionaries in preparation for long term missions to the unreached people of Africa.  I communicate with them on a weekly basis and I visit them annually as finances are available.


My wife Sharon, and I are enjoying the opportunity the Lord has given us to reach beyond our local area and share in the lives of people as we work with the missionaries from our church to bring the gospel to many of those who have not heard the gospel story.


It was our privilege to go as far as Malindi, Kenya and ministry with Pastor Borad.


Pastor Borad and his wife Faith continues to plant churches in Maseheni and Serengeti, Kenya.


We have an ongoing soccer ministry to our youth where we teach discipleship and Christian living while training young people through the fun of soccer.


Our mission work carries us into many of the local villages and regions of Uganda, as we continue training and raising up new churches in our nation.   Here is our Bible Study Group in Kagologolo-Bukomansimbi.


As we minister to the people spiritually, the Lord has placed it on our hearts to minister to them physically too.  We have managed to conduct home visits and service opportunities in all the different mission fields where our missionaries are serving.  Here is some children and elderly we are ministering to in Bunia through our home visit program.


Our mission endeavors are facing a number of challenges, most people are no longer open up to having fellowship in the missionaries' houses where they have been meeting for Sunday fellowship.  Right now the situation has become hard for ministry in the poverty stricken areas of Malindi where Pastor Borad is serving, due to the prolonged drought that struck many of the communities in that region.  Yumbe and Congo face financial instability caused by the lockdowns. Our missionaries are facing a challenge of inadequate provision for ministerial use and to help the people they minister too physically.  There is an arising need of meeting some of the physical needs of these people as we endeavor to spiritually minister to them.


The main solution to all our challenges as a ministry is prayer.  We need people to pray that God will provide the needed funds to acquire land for church planting in all communities where people have come to Christ, especially for the poverty stricken communities.


We are hoping to plant 2 churches for next year 2022.  A number of people have come to Christ through home group visits.  All these communities are mostly Muslim and they are very hostile toward churches, to the extent of burning them.   Please pray with us that God will provide funds to buy land in secret where we can construct church services in temporary structures.


We need to continue trusting God for more financial provision towards our missionaries on the field and other missionary work.  Missionaries need not less than 572$ to be sustained on the mission field monthly.


Thank you for viewing our webpage.  Please help us pray for ways to have all these needs met.