Bless Ministries Church 

Raipeta-Nidadavole, India

Hello, We are Samuel Battu, and Battu Nirmalatha, pastors of Bless Ministries Church of Raipeta-Nidadavol, India.


We work together with our children Battu Dean Teja, Battu Jane Vimala, and Battu Chitti Babu, providing food and clothing to the needy while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  We desire to help other ministries by following the examples our of our mother church and their pastors, using the many teachings and resources provided to us through Bless Ministries Mobile USA.

When I was just a child my mother dedicated me to God's ministry work but I never knew of the dedication or what was in her heart.  I completed my higher education and was married in 1991 at the age of 21 years old, to my lovely wife Nirmalatha.  It was hard finding work to care for my family and when I did there were many problems and trials I had to deal with.


One day I heard God calling me to his work in a dream.  I rejected the vision God had shown me because my parents were older and depended upon me to care for them.  This did not satisfy God who did not give up on me.

While my wife was pregnant with our second child her blood pressure shot up that caused her to become comatose and collapse.  She was rushed to the hospital but by midnight they told me my wife was dead.  I cried out to the Lord in faith, "O' God, please let her live and save her.  If you do this thing I will do your ministry work."  God heard my poor request and suddenly she woke up and my prayer was answered.  I became so overwhelmed with joy, rejoicing unto the Lord and praising His name.  Jesus saved my wife and child. Hallelujah for the great mercies of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ!  That day I left my job and committed myself to the Lord Jesus and his ministry work.


My mother rejoiced over my victories and my newly found commitment unto the Lord.  In her rejoicing she was baptized in the Holy Ghost and the Lord changed her name to Hanna.  Because she dedicated me to God's work in my childhood, she named me Samuel.  My parents passed away and I have been left without both of them since 2006.


We were sent out under the leadership of our leading pastor, Naveen Kumar, to build a church we named Shiloh Prayer Church in Raipeta-Nidadavole.  Through our mother church and the help of Bless Ministries Mobile USA we were reestablished as the Bless Ministries Church of Raipeta-Nidadavole on September 1, 2016.  We are now an independent ministry working to build gospel ministries across India for the glory of God.


Our congregation is believers that are very poor consisting of orphans and laborers.  They were idol worshippers that are now learning how to be followers of Jesus Christ.


In 2013 I became sick and started having pain in my stomach area that required me seeing a doctor.  After a complete examination it was determined that I had cancer in my intestines.  I have been undergoing limited treatments but the cancer has worsened and now I am seeing doctors for more serious levels of treatment.  Please pray for me that the power of God in me will give life to my body and I will be healed of this cancer.  Pray that the Lord will help me by supplying us with finances for the medial bills.


Thank you so much for looking at our webpage.  Please pray for how the Lord would like you to assist us.  Make a donation by clicking the donate button and put your seeds of faith into this good ground that.  


Thank you so very much.


We live each day by faith, trusting the Lord for our needs.  Bless Ministries Mobile USA is helping us to understand greater ways to teach our people while we continue reaching out to the many others in our community that do not know who Jesus is.