Christ for You Faith Ministry

Mubende, Uganda

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I am Senkoma Blasio.  I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of fifteen.  My passion for the gospel and Christ starting growing when I joined a scripture union in my school.  I became so involved with church Bible studies and giving of myself to Christ that I began initiating other scripture unions in other schools.  After three years of building these ministries I was appointed a youth leader in my district where I was given responsibility to develop and execute many of the youth programs and conferences for the district.  During this time I discovered my call to pastoral ministry and my church pastor appointed me as part of our church leadership.

In 2013 I married Pauline who has a calling of teaching the Word of God and singing by the Holy Spirit.  We have been blessed with a daughter we named Worship.  We have been blessed to see the hand of God moving in our behalf as He has provided for our home and basic needs in ministry.  For the last seven years I have been building our ministry and my wife has been favored with employment as a teacher. 

In 2015 we step out in faith after being inspired by the Holy Spirit, to initiate a ministry we call Christ for You Faith Ministry that targets school going children, prisoners, and the sick.  We are reaching them through media opportunities, leadership training, conferences and crusades.  In the past two years we have seen many teenagers undergo social psychological challenges by giving their lives to Jesus Christ.  

As we continue visiting the hospitals and prisons we have witnessed numerous prisoners and sick overcoming the evils of our society and recovering from their illnesses by the power of the name of Jesus.  We are currently preaching the gospel on one of our local radio stations that is influencing people with the passion we have for Christ.  The broadcasts go into the far reaches of our community and region.

We operate with faith, believing that God's provision will greatly provide for all our financial requirements.  As we continued praying for supporters God led us to Pastor Johnny Holland through Facebook Messenger.  Our divine connection has produced rewarding results and on June 28, 2017 our ministry was formally established and we have our own church through the generous opportunities of being partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA. 

We are now praying for means to purchase a public address system we can use in our crusades and conferences.  God's faithful provisions will make this happen as we continue reaching into our community and sharing the powerful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please help us continue building our vision.  Click the donation button and your donate from this page will be sent to us by Bless Ministries Mobile USA.

It will keep us moving forward as we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and build ministry for the Kingdom of Heaven.


Thank you for your kindness.  Please do not forget to pray for us.