I am Shomaila Shafaz, the founder of Mercy Station Welfare Association in Karachi, Pakistan, which is a school for special needs children.  We have been building this ministry since 2014.


Mercy Station Welfare Association

Karachi, Pakistan


I am married to William Shafaz and we have two sons: Shaphan and Shannon.   I have the full support of my family to do the work I am have been chosen to do.  I am proud to be a Christian from Pakistan.  Though we are in minority, we thank the Lord we are saved, and we are very happy.


After becoming certified in intellectual disabilities, I took steps to provide education for children who are not able to pay school fees.   My husband and I decided to do more so we started helping poor families with basic needs of groceries and continued education.  We did this without any help from outside supporters.  


My family and priest encouraged me to open a rehabilitation center for handicapped children.  After gaining advice from a number of people who ran their own NGO (non-governmental organization) for nonprofit, we met with a leadership team to better understand the challenges and complexities we might face.  We were able to open our own NGO in 2017.



It is our purpose to continuously work for the social integration of people with disabilities.   We are determined to teach disabled people how to become self-sufficient.


We were able to rent a building for the school and start having classes during the day for the special needs children and build a women's sewing program in the evenings to help women learn a skill they can use to earn an income for their families. 


I struggled for four years trying to find organizations that would assist us in leadership and training as we continued receiving more students and enlarging our  women's sewing ministry.  We were not able to become established because we were an independent ministry and no organization was willing to help us become registered.  I sent out emails to many ministries before I found Bless Ministries of Mobile, USA.  They are commissioned by God to assist other ministries to become established.  After corresponding with Pastor Johnny Holland, we began the process of becoming a partner in ministry with them.  In 2018 we received sponsorship documents that have allowed us to become an established organization for the benefit of special needs and disabled people.



We are in need of a van to help us transport the special needs children for local families that are very poor.  Our transportation is vital to meet the needs of each child, as we bring them to the school each morning, take them on outings, and take them home at the end of the day. 


We received a special recognition from our church ministry in August 2017 supporting our work as welfare association.


We do have many expenses that we depend upon the Lord for each month.  Besides the needs for the school and the women's sewing ministry, we supply groceries for the needy in our community.  We have selected 10 widows we minister to and ensure they have food every month.


All of our support is from what my husband and I do for work.  Bless Ministries of Mobile USA is working with us to give support as the Lord favors them with the means.  Until then, we pray the Lord to move in the hearts of people who read this webpage, or learn of us through word of mouth, or see us on Facebook, to help with donations.  You can make donations on this page and Bless Ministries will make sure we get what you designate to us.  Click the donate button to make your donations.

Please consider making this a monthly donation, the children are worth it.

Thank you for your kindness.