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Bukavu, D.R. Congo

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Hello, I am Bishop Simon Kibonge Ramazani.  I was a Catholic Priest who has been liberated by the blood of Jesus Christ.  You are reading this webpage as a testimony of the wonderful work the Lord Jesus is doing in my life and the lives of our people in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo in east central Africa. 

I am the son of Wakenge Ramazani and Mukamba Kwabene Therese, who were Christians in the Kimbangu Christian Church where they were married and had a total of six children.  When I was six years old my father divorced my mother to take another wife and the entire family moved with my father to Kigulube, 170 kilometers from Bukavu.

While in Kigulube, I completed my education through the second year of secondary schooling but there was no third year available.  My home town of Bukavu had the third year available, so I walked the 170 kilometers to Bukavu and started my third year in a Jesuit College of Priest of the Roman Catholic Church.  I began my third year in the Scientific Section where I studied Chemistry and Biology.  In 1982 I was baptized by immersion by Bishop Christopher Munzihirwa, and I received a diploma that year in Chemistry and Biology from the Alfajiri College.  I decided to attend the Seminary of Buhimba where I received a diploma in Philosophy.  After leaving there I continued my education by attending the Institute of Management where I received my license in Environmental Sciences.  Then in 2013 I finished my studies by receiving my Masters Degree from Madison International Institute.

Bishop Marabu Handson

 Nairobi, Kenya

I was ordained in all the minor orders of the church up to sub-deacon and the deaconate ministry by Archbishop Roberts and by Archbishop Jason Sanderson, Liberal Catholics in Kisii, Kenya.  I now have a decree which makes me a Bishop of the Church. 

The Liberal Catholic Church is not a part of the more well-known Roman Catholic Church under Pope Francis.  Though the term "Liberal Catholic" might suggest otherwise, it does not refer to liberal groups within the Roman Catholic Church, but to groups within an independent movement that took place during the first and second decades of the 20th century.  You can learn more about the Liberal Catholic Church by clicking this link:

   One of the major differences is

   priests can marry and have families.  

   Here I am with my Estella.

In 2009 I resign from the Liberal Catholic Church and I am working alone without any financial support worldwide.  I became connected to Bishop Marabu Handson in Nairobi, Kenya through a series of meetings and his ministry was partnered with Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  You can see Bishop Handson's ministry by going to his page under Kenya in the menu above.  He is working with Bless Ministries to help me through my difficult  times.

With all my education and all my experience working as a pastor and bishop, I have never met another pastor like Pastor Johnny Holland and the ministry of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  Our work here leaves me each month without finances to pay rent, buy food, or pay for the education of my children.  But the hope we have received from Bless Ministries of Mobile lets us know God hears us.

Pastor Johnny Holland

Senior Pastor and President

of Bless Ministries Mobile USA

It is my desire to have our church registered by our government as Bless Ministries Church of Bukavu.   Then I will be an independent pastor and no longer bound to the Liberal Catholic Church.   I have received their certificate and sponsorship letter but I am working to get enough finances to make a proper registration with the government.  Here in the D.R. Congo you cannot publicly change your ministry name without filing with the government.  God's faithfulness will bring me the means and we will very soon be a Bless Ministries church publicly.  Then I can openly share the Bible as I please and live by the income generated through Bless Ministries of Mobile USA.   I am looking to Jesus and praying in faith that He will bless Pastor Johnny and Bless Ministries to manifest his promises in them so they can help us complete the vision we have here in Bukavu, D.R. Congo.

Our struggles here are great.  It has become very difficult for us to have ways for collecting food or meeting any of the simple daily needs to maintain life.  Being a priest all these years closes many opportunities for me to do anything beyond being a pastor.  I cannot abandon the work we have built up and no one accepts that a priest of a "Catholic" ministry has any needs because everyone thinks the church is helping to provide for us.  Until I can change the name, I remain in this uncertain state.

Our greatest need is compassion for help.  This webpage is provided by Bless Ministries because it is a way they can help us.  Until the Lord moves with provisions through Bless Ministries, they have no way to do more than the administrative things they help us with, of which we are very grateful.  We need people to help us by showing compassion to give Bless Ministries donations for our ministry.  We go four and five days without food.  We have orphans and our own family that we need to feed, but most days there is nothing to feed them with.  Combined with the political unrest in our country, the rich do not help with the very bad situations of starvation and much misery.

We have many pastors ministering in Bukavu and the surrounding area who have chosen to become independent churches working through Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  The opportunities and guidance we have been shown by Bless Ministries provides our churches with more open ways to minister the gospel. 


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We need finances for food and other daily needs that will help us continue our simple way of life and keep us moving forward as we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a people and nation whose only hope is in Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your kindness.  Please do not forget to pray for us.