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When someone becomes a partner with Bless Ministries Mobile USA, they become a part of a huge worldwide network that is growing every day.  Our network of ministry is now in 22 countries with more than 300 ministries that have over 3400 churches and ministries under their leadership.  Having the ability to connect with this volume of ministry enables us to communicate massive amounts of information worldwide in just seconds through emails, websites, and social media.   Being able to reach into these countries through our network changes the dynamics of each ministry to be worldwide themselves, as they come to understand every ministry of our network is partners with them also.   


We offer a ministry the ability to have power in prayer by being a part of our network.  To have corporate prayer for your needs as you access every ministry in our worldwide network, and as each ministry interacts with each other, it becomes a powerful tool.  We encourage making contact with other ministry partners in your region, country, and around the world, to share prayer needs and joyous reports for building up the Body of Christ together.


The greatest thing we do to help ministry is bringing spiritual awareness to every part of personal and ministry life.  We do this by leading people into a deeper understanding of how God blesses those who have committed to him.  Our assessment process helps us to pinpoint a ministries needs and we use our resources to help specific growth.  Our partnership brings with it joint prayer and spiritual enlightenment and training to become a self-sustaining ministry.   Our unusual ministry has helped many around the world to gain a better understanding of God's blessings.  All of our ministry partners are experiencing a greater understanding and power through the Holy Spirit as a result of our partnerships together.



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