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Kalaymyo City, Myanmar

My name is Suh Pi.   I am very pleased to have a friend like Pastor Johnny Holland and Bless Ministries Mobile USA, who encourages and shares the faith and who prays for my ministry with deep love.


My country is Myanmar (better known as Burma) and is located in South East Asia. Its boundary countries are Thailand, India and China mainly.  Myanmar is divided by seven States and  seven divisions.  I live in Kalaymyo City which is in the Sagaing Division, located in the upper part of Myanmar.  We have a population of about 230,000.   In the north side of the Kalaymyo region, there are  36 villages and in south side there are  42 villages respectively.  

Suh Pi and his Mother

Most of Myanmar's 58 million people are Buddhist.  Presently,  90% of the population follow Buddhism, 7% believe Christianity, 1.5% are Hindu, and another 1.5% are Muslim.  By the prayers of believers and hard work of ministries like ours, Myanmar is becoming enlightened as our ministry and eighteen mission works are progressing forward with the gospel.  People are beginning to know and understand the true God, who is the source of everything, who is Alpha and Omega, who gives a living water, and eternal life. 

I finished my Master of Divinity degree in 2007 and went right to work teaching in the Bible College while I began preaching the gospel message to the non-Christians which were mostly Buddhist.  In 2008 I stopped teaching in the Bible College and turned all my emphasis to preaching and telling people about who Jesus Christ is.  I went house to house focusing on areas where people had never heard the gospel message.  This took me into the remote places and villages also where people were still practicing devil worship, idolatry, worshiping trees, the sun, and demons.        


By the end of 2009 some people had become believers, accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  We were having worship services in one of my family's house because those who hated Christians would try to stone us while we were having worship outside.    Then as more and more believers grew in number I had to come up with something so we could start planting churches by the middle of 2010.  We were having a number of worship services in different villages.  I came up with ideas of mission development in the rural areas and we started having Bible studies on Wednesday nights.  We had to study by candlelight because we did not have electricity in these areas.  Even now we still maintain some of the Bibles studies by candlelight.                

Most of the people in the rural areas are non-educated farmers who work for what they can get.  Most of their homes are simple, small tent-like dwellings.  They don't know how to sing or read, which keeps them from being able to use a Bible.  We are teaching them how to worship with singing and trying to get them Bibles so we can start teaching them to read, using the Bible as the text book.

As we continue to grow in numbers we hope to start building church buildings to have safe places for worship and teaching.  Small church buildings in the different villages will encourage believers that continuing to believe in Jesus Christ will result in progression and safety for them and their families.  We hope being partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA will open doors where finances will be available for having our own church buildings one day.  Until then we will continue moving forward to makes ways for our committed believers to have safe and better places to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Working with the children in our communities is very important.  Most of the them cannot go to school because here everyone pays to have education.  The poverty level remains a problem that deprives them from ever seeing a classroom.  So we work with them through the local church, to teach them all we can.  We hold revival crusades by renting a meeting hall and bringing in children from several villages at one time.  Here are pictures of the revival crusades we held in the Summer months this year.  All these children were Buddhists who accepted Jesus Christ as the personal savior. 

Our greatest need is to have church buildings.  We continue using homes of family and other believers, but these are small and very limited dwellings.  We rent spaces when we can.   

The next greatest need is for the children.  We need books, bibles, clothing, food, and a place for a children's home because many have no place to live due to poverty and having no parents.  We do all we can to help, but ministry finances are even harder to get because of the poverty most people live in.  Someday we would like to start teaching music which would require some type of musical instruments.  Having no church buildings, we have no place to keep them.   

It is our prayer that partnering with Bless Ministries Mobile USA will open doors for us to start receiving help for these needed things.  Please pray for us, that the Lord will grant our needs according to his riches in glory through Bless Ministries of Mobile USA.  If the Holy Spirit has touched you through my story, please help us by donating to our ministry.  Just click the donate button and Bless Ministries will send us 100% of all you donate through this webpage.


Thank you for being so kind to read my story and please do remember to pray for us.