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Joyous Plantation Ministry

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

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We are a ministry that serves the orphan children of the Punjab area of Pakistan.   We spend our time & energy on feeding, clothing, and teaching them about Jesus!


MJ (short for Muqadus James) and his wife Suneeta also ministers to their community by bringing them the gospel of Jesus Christ while caring for orphan children in their city. 

MJ started ministering to people at a very young age, while living with his parents.  He continues with his wife Suneeta to live and care for his mother and father, though most their time is spent caring for the children that show up daily for food and schooling.  The children are taught basic education skills, the Bible, and art.  The ministry provides them with Bibles and school supplies when finances are available.  Most of the children lost their parents in death.   MJ and Suneeta provides parental guidance and adult supervision for all the troubles they face in life.   The orphanage provides safe shelter at night and continued hope during the day.

Suneeta has committed herself to faithfully help MJ in the ministry.  She focuses on the needs of the ministry and MJ's dream for the orphanage and school as they work to improve the building to accommodate the children better.  Suneeta continues to study with the tools and training provide by Bless Ministries so her and MJ can continue their influence in the community for Jesus Christ.

We have a school ministry to ensure the children learn to read, write, and basic mathematics.

Their food ministry provides for the children to have more than rice and bread.  They work hard with people in their community to help provide fresh vegetables and fruit as much as possible. 


Suneeta gets much joy from cooking for the children.   

As husband and wife, it is their heart's desire to see all the children have good nourishment. Too often they do not have enough to feed all the children so they have to eat rice until more funds come in or people in the community helps with food. 

There are many women that have been in abusive relationships and are alone.  Suneeta takes care of all who show up at their doorstep. She is committed to helping them learn a task that they can eventually earn a living for themselves and their family.  Sewing in various styles is a very good way to earn money and supply for their daily needs.

Joyce Randall is the administrator for Joyous Plantation Ministry.

She has been the American contact that assists the ministry with administration and financial donations, website development, and guidance since 2012.  Joyce maintains leadership that ensures a safe environment for individuals and organizations to participate with and bless this ministry in Pakistan.

For more details about Joyous Plantation Ministry go to their website by clicking this link:   Joyous Plantation Ministry

In 2015 Joyce became the Missionary Ambassador for Bless Ministries of Mobile.   She continues to use her calling to minister worldwide.

On March 26, 2017  MJ and Suneeta are holding their first service as the new Joyous Plantation Church in Toba Tek Singh.  They have fifty people that will gather for their first service.

In January of this year MJ and Suneeta's first child was born, Zac Alexander.

Please consider helping the Joyous Plantation Ministry by making a donation.  

When you click the button to the right, your donation will go to help MJ and Suneet James for the needs of their orphanage and school. 

Thank you for your kindness.

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