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Bless Ministries Church

Mamidikuduru, India

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I am Pastor Tata Rao from Jinnuru, Poduru Mandal, West Godavari District, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.   I am an independent and non-denominational Lord's servant from our planted church in Mamidikuduru, where I am leading a group of one hundred pastors for spreading gospel in the remote forest and hills of the East and West Godavari Districts and the Krishna District.


Our ministry continues to support the widows, children, and elderly that struggle to maintain the simple things of life.  We have taken in 29 children that are visually disabled.  Because of their blindness they were neglected by their families.  The poor, need, and physically handicapped are generally discarded in India's society.  Their only hope is ministries like ours who gives them love and care for sustaining life.

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I came from a Christian family where my father and mother taught us the truths about Jesus Christ.  I was not obedient in the faith as a child, and remained far away for God and the Christian lifestyle.  I became very rough and rude toward Christians, never participating in any church activities.  My parents became very unhappy about my behavior and the negligence I had toward the Lord God.  In hopes that it would turn me into a believer, my father arrange a marriage for me with a woman who was a believer in Jesus Christ.  I was married to Adhassa in 2013.  She has become a great part of my life and is my beloved wife.  


As Adhassa taught me things about Jesus it changed my attitude about Christianity.  She would teach me by reading the Bible to me for an hour every day.  The more she read, the more I came to understand the purpose behind the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was to save mankind from their sins.  As Adhassa read more and more the light of God came into my soul and the darkness that was in my life fled away.  My journey from darkness into the glorious light of the Lord is a holy journey that has left me with an unlimited joy that will never pass away.

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My overwhelming joy to tell others about the love of God that takes away the sins of the world led us to organize some church services in Mamidikuduru.  This group of people grew enough that it developed into a church.  Now we are doing outreach into the East and West Godavari Districts, and the Krishna District.