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United Mission Church Life Ministry

Bumalakha Village, Bunazushi, Uganda

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The church and ministry is located in the eastern region of Mt. Elgon in the Bududa District of Uganda.  The pastor was born in a family that already had eight boys and no girls.  His mother was hoping to deliver a bouncing baby girl for her ninth pregnancy.  Instead she gave birth to her ninth son.  This compelled his mother to deny him because she was not having another boy to raise.  His father begged her to take care of the child saying, "It was not my fault but it was God's plan without any of man's influence."  So Wambede Samuel Rogers grew up under his parents Mr. Wambede Wilson and Mrs. Nabulwala Angather. 

At the age of nine years old the father died leaving nine boys being raised by a single parent.  The family endured great hardship that left them in conditions of poverty where there was not enough to sustain a family of ten and Sam became very sick for lack of nutrition.  There was a powerful man of God in the area named John Bosco, who came from the country of Holland through the Churches of God.  He spoke prayers over young Samuel and they boy recovered from his sickness.  In 1991 Samuel confessed Jesus Christ as his personal savior.  The next year he joined a praise and worship team under the call of God and in 1993 Samuel became a youth leader of their church. 

In December 1993 the voice of the Lord whispered to Samuel while calling his name and said, "Samuel, I want to make a great church work in you."  Being young, he was terrified and overcome with fear.  While have a metal argument about this dream he received, the voice whispered to him a second time saying, "Fear not because this incredible word of God.  I knew you while you were still a fetus in your mother's womb."  He was still arguing in my mind over these things until he was given scripture from the book of Isaiah 49:1-2. 

1. Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.  2. And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me. .

As he focused upon this scripture the voice called him again and said, "Lend me your ears you who pursue the righteous and who seeks the Lord just as it is written in the book Isaiah 51:1.

In 1994 Wambede Samuel Rogers began building the vision God had given him.  He started the Untied Mission Church Life Ministry with four people in a new area of Bunazushi called Bumalakha Village.  Pastor Samuel had the new ministry continue in prayer and fasting for one week as God had instructed him to do.  Their testimony in those early days was, "God performed his wonders by healing his people, casting out demons as the ministry expanded in various areas."  They were able to expand into the Bunasakha Village in the Manafwa District; into the sub county of Bwkokho in the Bwkhokho Parish; into the sub counties of Shinsuni Butilu, Bududa and Buchilokholo in the Bududa District; the sub county of Nyondo in the Kabwagasi Parish; and the sub county of Mbale town in Nauyo, were they are presently keeping their headquarters stationed.

Samuel is married to Mukimba Rachael and they have been blessed to have four boys and four girls. 

The ministry has been met with many challenges while planting the other branches throughout the region.  One of Pastor Samuel's greatest challenges came in May of 2000 when robbers invaded the church one evening after a Bible study.  They attacked Pastor Samuel, beating him up with intent to kill him.&