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Unleash the Power Within with Coach David Verdu. Designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals and take control of your life. 

Give Coach Verdu an hour and he will make a difference in your organization or your school.  His events are life changing in ways that will empower you to rise above your circumstances as he moves you into greater levels of personal worth.  His presentations are filled with excitement, laughter and blasts of unexpected shifts that keeps you moving toward understanding yourself in a deeper way.  Verdu coaches you through each event so you can become liberated to make changes that truly matter.  

Let us help you tap into your ability to make a difference.

For more details and scheduling an event click here Way Beyond Measure.

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Way Beyond Measure is now in the United Kingdom!

In August 2020 Cathrine Wensley became our Director of Way Beyond Measure England.  She has developed an early intervention program using a trauma informed approach for students with an objective to reduce class disruption, increase attendance and build aspiration.  Cathrine has combined her program with ours to bring change in the schools of the United Kingdom.


United Kingdom
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