Bless Ministries Church

Kisii, Kenya

Pastor Windfridah Mogusu was saved when he heard an evangelist speaking at a meeting near his home one Saturday in 2007.  The next day he went to the God in Hope Touch Church that held the meeting and joined with them.   He remained with them for one year until the church was destroyed by some post-election violence that spread throughout Kenya.  Because they no longer had a church, Windfridah and his wife Jorom Nyasaka, started the Open Door Fellowship Church in his city of Kisii.  They continued the work of evangelism while seeking God for their destiny in ministry.

Windfridah and Jorom started their church in a house with seven members.   It was their desire to make Jesus famous by evangelizing all their surround communities.   They now have 43 adult members, 18 youth members and 25 children that attend their Sunday morning worship and Wednesday Bible study.  It is difficult for them because they share three Bibles between all the church members.  One of their greatest needs is bibles and literature books for teaching.

Pastor Windfridah does not remember seeing his father because he died when Windfridah was one month old.  His mother wanted her son to have an education so she did all she could so he could go to school.  She managed to keep him in classes through the 4th grade.  Times were hard and Windfridah struggle all his life.  He used alcohol to help him deal with the struggles.  It was not until he heard the evangelist preaching near his home, he was able to start turning his life around.

One day Pastor Windfridah was passing a an orphan from a lowly family in his community and he became concerned for the needs of the child.  He continued praying for this child night and day.  The more he prayed the more he became concerned for the orphans in all the surrounding communities.  The children were in such a bad state they lacked for even the basic needs of life.  He prayed for their need to have food, clothing and ways they could get an education.  The more he prayed the more God gave him a heart to help not only the orphans, but the widows, widowers, the aged, and the less fortunate of his communities.  In his desire to help, Pastor Windfridah and Jorom started growing a small kale farm.  This kale farm helps to provide for some of the needs in his family and some of the needs of the orphans, by the sells he makes.  They are able to get the children work books, pencils, clothing and pens.  It is not enough to cover all their basic needs, but it does help.  The church ministry takes up offerings each month to help get food for the children.

They are now praying for a place for the children to live in as an orphanage.  This will not just give them somewhere to sleep and live, but it will help them have a learning center for the orphans.  Pastor Windfridah wants to provide a good learning environment for them so they can rise above the stigma of being an orphan.  It is very stressful for them to remember their parents who have committed suicide, died from AIDS, or just left them to run the streets because there is no way to care for them.

It is Pastor's Windfridah and Jorom's desire to help these children and the people of their communities to understand the reasons they were created.  He wants them to understand they are not left to fate because their parents died of malaria or AIDS, or because they were too poor to care for them.  He wants them to come to the knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus, so they can see their worth, and change their lives.  They teach all who comes to the church that they are the ambassadors of Christ.

After finding Bless Ministries of Mobile, USA on the internet, Pastor Windfridah is convinced God is answering their prayers to meet the needs of the orphans and grow their church ministry to do more than is possible for most of the people of Kenya.   They have started a partnership with Bless Ministries of Mobile that is so encouraging to Pastor Windfridah and Jorom they requested to have the name of their church changed.   On August 24, 2016 the document were signed and mailed to them, establishing the church as Bless Ministries Church, Kisii, Kenya.

This new partnership is helping the church grow in understanding and knowledge as both ministries continue to rely upon the Lord for their needs.   If you would like to be a part of this growing ministry, please help by making a donation.  Click the donate button and your gift with go to the Bless Ministries Church of Kisii Kenya.  

Most of all remember to pray for them.