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I am Pastor Yangala Nageswararao from Pasivedala, a village in the Kovvur Mandal region of the West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh State, India.  My wife, Aruna Ratna and I reach into the rural areas of Kovvur Mandal on the southeastern side of India to bring the gospel to the very poor and needy.

Rural Evangelism Ministry

Pasivedala, India

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Before I came to know Jesus as my savior I was a great sinner worshipping and praying to idol goddesses.  I did many criminal activities against all other religions like Christianity, Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, and others.  Because of my crimes against these religions I was convicted in court as a religious criminal and sentenced to two years in jail. 

While in jail the warden, whose name was Zachariah, told me about Jesus Christ.  He gave me a Bible to read in my free time.  As I continued daily reading I learned about my own sins and I started understanding what I was doing to Jesus Christ because of my actions.  I spent much time in prayer, crying and repenting of all the sins I was learning about.  I cried out to Jesus and h