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It is our mission to work for the peace and survival of Pakistan by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we plant Sunday Schools that teach and distributes the Bible in all of our communities in Pakistan.  My wife Gulnaz Tariq and I are using the truths of the gospel to generate help and kindness for those who are suffering and helpless in our society, while teaching them to read and write.  These are the greatest needs for the Pakistani people.

Life In Christ Ministries

Faisalabad, Pakistan

Hello, I am  Zeeshan Javed.  I was born into a Roman Catholic family and as a new born my parents gave me to the service of God.  They were committed to raise me up in a spiritual environments and I was able to learn more and more about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  I started learning from my parents in our home that was growing the seed of service in my life.  I grew a passion and interest for the things of God so much I took every opportunity to learn in any type of convention, seminars, prayer meetings, crusades or short courses about Bible base teachings.  This consumed all my time and interests.

One morning after my matriculation exams, I was in deep prayer in my heart when I got a message from Lord through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to serve His Great Commission and ministry of teachings and prayer meetings.  From that day I started making arrangements to serve His command through short term seminars, prayer meetings and Bible studies for the young children in my surrounding areas.  The ministry experienced good growth and I named it Life in Christ Ministries.  We are an independent ministry working to reach everyone through our teaching and ministry outreaches as we share the love of God and the Holy Scriptures. 

We are helping families to build incomes by providing sewing centers, help men to find jobs.

Our ministry outreaches are encouraging pastors and church workers in their personal and religious lives while building up truths of Biblical knowledge in the Word of God.

We are helping the suffering in our nation through our food distribution programs.

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of our baptism services.

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Life in Christ Ministries is working for persecuted Christian, orphans, Street kids and disables in the rural areas of Pakistan.   In Pakistan the large number Christian people living in rural areas and day by day they are facing more persecutions increasingly at work places. This is really something heart melting and sad to know that many people have lost their lives by extremists.

Unfortunately, most of the incidents of that kind are never been reported publically and socially. One of the main reasons of these persecutions is that our Christians educated percentage is very low. Plenty of children have never seen the gate of any school.

They are compelled to work hard for their survival. In such rural areas there are not many opportunities of good works, so they mostly have to work on brick kilns or harvesting. Their financial situations are mostly very bad so they have to get big loans for their basic needs from the brick kiln owners. In the consequences of these loans, these owners make these workers their slaves and make them to work for years to years for them. And if they have houses or any other properties, they occupy them.

Most of the saddened thing is, that I am telling you with a heavy heart, when young girls, daughters, sisters and mothers go to work on these work places, the authorities persecute them, make them the victims of sexual harassment and abuses to get more hard work from them.

Many times, people are afraid to highlight these issues in police reports, because they get terrified of their survival with dignity among the society. If some people step forward to go to police, it gets more dangerous for their lives.

There are plenty of families around here in rural areas that are victimized in such incidents. We have been going to these families for prayers since few months and we are praying to God to encourage them to live their lives with peace and patience. We are trying to find out financial resources to help them pay back their debts and to bring them out of these persecutions and slavery.

My request to you is that if you support us for this work in any way, through this we can save many people and can deliver plenty of lives from this slavery and persecution. Please keep these people in your prayers and guide us how we can serve these people with more effective manners. We pray that our Lord of Salvation and deliverance may bring them out of this slavery. Amen

For more information and view our personal website clicking this link:  

Freedom From Slavery

During one of our prayer meetings in a village near our city Faisalabad, we met a young woman named Ruqaiya.  She requested us to pray for her family, because they were going through hard times and losing all hope in life.  She explained how her father-in-law became enslaved to the owner of a brick kiln by accepting a loan which he was paying back by working in the brick kiln.  Until the loan was paid in full her husband's family was unable to work or live anywhere else.  They lived in the facility of the kiln owner and they were paid very little to reduce the loan.  Ruqaiya's father-in-law died unable to pay the debt so this young family remained in slavery to the brick kiln owner.


In March 2020 we received enough donations to the Life In Christ Ministries that it allowed Ruqaiya and her family to go free from the slavery they were bound to. Please watch these videos showing Rugqiya's family who is now free for the slavery that held them captive due to unfair financial practices in Pakistan.

Ruqaiya and her husband are now free to live and work where they want.  Pastor Zeeshan and the Life In Christ Ministries is seeking help to buy a sewing machine for Ruqaiya so she can sew and make the beautiful clothing of the Pakistani culture.  They are also needing help to purchase a rickshaw for her husband to make a living providing transportation in the city.  The sewing machine and the rickshaw will cost $7700.  This will include the cost of registration, documentations, licensing, fuel and maintenance for one year on the rickshaw; and accessories and raw materials for making clothings with the sewing machine. If you can assist them in these needs please make a donation for the Ruqaiya family.

Because of the generosity of individuals and organizations giving to this ministry we are able to continue freeing other families.  Please watch these videos of other families we have been able to help free from slavery here in Pakistan. 

These next videos will help you see how we are helping women build their own businesses by providing them with sewing machines and material.  The make clothing and apparel that can generate income for their families.

Please pray about how the Lord would want to you help us.  It is by the kindness of  those who support us in prayer and financial donations that we are able to do this great work we do.

Please follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit and help us as you can.

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