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Due to terrorist activities and illegal money laundering the US government has placed protocols in place that limits how banks and money transfer companies can allow people and organizations to send money around the world.  People have been so kind in the past year with donation we have reached a limit that will no long allow us to forward donations.  We recommend that you continue to support our partners by sending your donations directly to them through Western Union, WorldRemit, or your choice of money transfer company.  Contact them through email or Facebook to inquire how they would like to receive your kind donations. 

Please do not let this keep you from supporting any of our partners in ministry.

We will continue to maintain their free webpages on this site.  Send us an email and let us know you are supporting them.  We will rejoice over you support and add you to our Sponsor Page..

You may donate to our General Fund as some chose to do.  We use General Fund donations to help keep the website up and other expenses for maintaining the things we offer through our this site.   

 If you would like to donate by check please send your offering to:

     Bless Ministries Mobile

     2304 Genoa Drive

     Mobile Al  36609

This transaction is not an automatic recurring donation from your account monthly.  

You can make it an automatic recurring donation by selecting "Monthly Recurring" after clicking the donate button.

Thank you for your kindness.

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