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No Fees. . .

About MSM


Our focus is to help people see education as an experience in learning that enhances all their abilities to live out who they are in Jesus Christ.

You may want to audit the course and study the information, but you do not want to complete any of the work.  We encourage you pull up the courses and use them for your personal study or to help people learn as you share the information in your ministry by selecting Non-Student in the menu.

All of our courses are free of charge to both Classroom and Online students.  If the student commits to finish, we commit to give them a high standard of education that will help them in their purpose in the kingdom of God.

No Test, Only Education. . .

What students learn is not measured by their ability to pass or fail a test.  Learning should be a life experience based on what students are able to take in and use.  Retention levels are higher when study is experienced without the pressure of having to pass a test.  Manthano School of Ministries allows the students a chance to learn inside their true ability, as they do their work, without testing.  They are evaluated by their performance to complete the daily work, not the ability to remember a test. 


Our unique teaching methods help students reach their potential and learn while they are completing the class work with discussions and practical applications.  In this way students learn and grow from what they have received and experienced from their teachers.   Our unique classroom style allows instructors and students the opportunity to enjoy the learning experiences together.


There are several advantages with this method of teaching:


1.  Students are encouraged to understand their work is important for growing in their learning experience as they progress in that specific area of study.  This encourages the student that they can learn the information even when it seems difficult to grasp.


2.  Teachers and Instructors only have to maintain grade books for the daily work and assignments.  They do not have to work up tests of any kind.


3.  Improve without tests.  Tests do not show the true knowledge that a student may have, thus it is better to not "test" the student but "improve" the student to grow in the information.  In this manner students excel to receive information they will not soon forget.  Tests tend to leave students frustrated over the information in a study.  Not having test allows students to be exposed to information they can enjoy and go back to over and over.   


4.  It is more important that students experience the information than to just pass some useless test.  All people retain information more when it is exposed to them and not expected to be written down in a specific order or mandate.



Even though there are no tests, grade point averages (GPA) of 2.0 or above will still be maintained to encourage academic excellence.  Here are some of the awards that will be given for a student's high GPA achievements.  Suggestions for other recognitions and awards are encouraged.

1.  Written Recognition.  

Instructors can write comments on the students work that honors the great work being done or they can add a written synopsis to the work when it warrants special recognitions.


2.  Periodical Awards.

Awards can be handed out for Student of the Week, Month, Year or given some other names.

Certificates of Student recognition or other type names given for special reasons.


3.  Ministry Awards.

Students can be recognized for different ministry or community efforts that honors unusual or necessary developments not normally done by students.



You will find these ideas and methods will improve student's and teacher's abilities to make the Bible College experience more enjoyable and purposeful. 


It is our desire to lift people up and help their learning experience so they can enjoy their purpose and ministry while being better servants of God for those they minister to and for the Kingdom of God.

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