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Manthano is the Greek word meaning to learn in any way, to understand, to increase in knowledge.  Our focus is centered on making the learning process an experience not a task.  Education should be a natural part of the human experience of learning.  Students should be shown how they can excel in knowledge by experiencing the information more than just remembering courses for the purpose of graduating.  Manthano School of Ministries teaches how to study better, learn more and become excellent in your giftings and callings. 


All classroom subjects encourages group discussion and personal application.  We uses a balance between learning, dialogue, discussion, and written exercises to correlate scripture work and reading with our own practical experiences.


We have many needs before we can open most of the schools we are developing.  We need proper facilities, printing of courses and handbooks, school supplies, and desks.  There is so much to do in order to make each school available and open for classes.  Please pray about what God would have you do to help us.  

Because our schools are in their beginning phases our only areas of studies being offered are Associate of Ministry (A.Min.) and Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) degrees.  We plan to open extended areas of study that will include Master of Ministry (M.Min.) and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degrees as the programs grow.  If you are interested in other areas of ministry not yet developed in our schools, please contact us for possible development ideas.

At Manthano School of Ministries we offer a curriculum that will equip you with the tools you need to be successful.  Whether you are called to be a pastor, worship pastor, youth pastor, children's pastor, missionary, teacher, or any of the many other areas of ministry to the Body of Christ, our unique methods and courses will help you realize how you can use your abilities, callings, and gifts to minister in any area of life.  


All students must meet specific personal and spiritual requirements that are determined in an interview by one of the schools’ staff.   The interview will assess the individual’s history of Christian service and activity, to include sharing personal testimonies of salvation, callings, and ministry visions. 

Bless Ministries of Mobile desires to remove the obstacles that keep people from preparing for ministry.  A person’s deep commitment to make full preparation for what God wants them to do is our student’s greatest expense.  If you will stay committed to finish, Manthano School of Ministries will stay committed to provide this high level of education.