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Thank you for your consideration to support our ministry. 

May the Lord continue his blessings upon you for your kindness.


To make a donation for a specific ministry go to that ministry under Ministries in the main menu above.  Select the ministry page you desire to support and donate from that page.

Donations from this page go into our General Fund. 

Caution should be taken when donating to people and ministries you do not know.  We do the best we can to qualify people and ministries before we place them on this website.  We realize it is not our responsibility to ensure every situation is taken care of around the world, especially when we have no way of knowing if all of the information posted is true.  Other than the confirmation of the Holy Spirit concerning each ministry, most of the time we are left to our own wisdom and understanding.  We are given grace by the Lord Jesus Christ to be merciful toward individuals and ministries that desire to be listed on this website.  We post the information about each ministry with expectations to allow people and organizations the opportunity to help in the needs around the world.  The Lord is going to account it for the very reasons both Bless Ministries and the donors are working together and sending donations.  If any of the posted ministries are being deceiving this does not lessen the gesture of mercy and kindness being generated from this website.  Kindness and generosity given as kindness and generosity is accorded by the Lord for what it was intended in your heart.  Those receiving under deception are accountable for their actions, and us who are generous by giving and providing donations are showing mercy and grace in these acts of kindness. 


We present the opportunity for donations to these ministries hoping that we are making a difference in their part of the world.  They receive free webpages, our teaching, and lessons as our part of being helpful and supportive, and they receive your donations as a means of love and mercy for their needs.  I will never believe mercy and generosity is void or without purpose.  The Lord can use these seeds of faith to help the heart of anyone trying to deceiving us, and move upon them through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

You may donate to our General Fund as some chose to do. 

We use General Fund donations to help keep the website up and other expenses for maintaining the things we offer through this site.   

Your donation also helps provide for the transfer fees we are charged to get donations to our ministry partners.  We do not keep any part of donations to our partners in ministry and we make up the costs for getting their donations to them.

Make your electronic donation by clicking the donate button.  

Remember to donate from a ministrie's page if you desire to donate into a specific ministry.

General Fund Donation

 If you would like to donate by check please send your offering to:

     Bless Ministries Mobile

     2304 Genoa Drive

     Mobile Al  36609


Donations are not automatically recurring from your account monthly.  

You can make it an automatic recurring donation by selecting "Monthly Recurring" after clicking the donate button.

Thank you for your support of Bless Ministries. 

May the Lord richly bless you for your kindness.

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