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To view a specific ministry click on their country below.

We have partnered with many ministries around the world, to assist them in their work for the Kingdom of God.  

The difference with our partnerships is we do not receive assistance or donations from them, we give them assistance through the things we have available.  

Our partnership process goes through several stages before we post anyone on a webpage.  For this reason, not every partner is shown here.  To view the webpage of our posted partners select their country in the gallery below or enter their name in the search field at the top of this page.  If the name you are looking for is not posted under their country, contact us by email and we will help you with the information we have on that ministry.  

Though they are a partnered with Bless Ministries, partners remain independent from us and are free to administer their ministries as they feel led of the Holy Spirit.

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