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The Bible teaches, "Where there is no vision, the people perish. ." [Proverbs 29:18]. 

In December 1997 the Lord made a covenant with Pastor Johnny Holland and started showing him how He wanted Pastor Johnny to build what is now Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  Though we have not been able to actively begin building the corporate offices or expand the different departments of our ministry, we have been educating ourselves in the operations, skills, and necessary job positions it will take to grow the vision that God has commissioned us to build.   Below are only five of the over forty corporate ministries that were given Pastor Johnny to build.  We are praying daily and standing in faith that the Lord will move by his power and give us his promises, then we can develop these great ministries to assist the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.




The Plaza

Our ministry headquarters building will be the Plaza.  As our corporate offices and other ministry operations facility, the Plaza will look much like a small mall here in the United States.    The store fronts will be the offices and facilities for different ministry operations.  This will be a two story building with as many as on hundred ministry spaces.  .


 His Express is a quality cargo and private transportation ministry that will service ministries all over the earth.  It is our goal at Bless Ministries Mobile USA to build a transportation facility that can provide high quality private jet transportation for ministries we partner with.  We eventually want to provide air travel to anywhere in the world so mission trips and ministry travelers can go to their destinations with private accommodations.   We are working to have cargo air transportation to accommodate ministries with their shipments of cargo.  This service will be at no charge to the ministries we partner with.



Halls of Victory is a housing ministry for people who are unable to provide for themselves due to hardships.  We are building the program to last for up to twelve months.  The facility will be accommodations with one, two, and three bedroom spacious apartments.  Applicants will have to meet specific requirements and be willing to live according to the guidelines of our housing agreement.


The Manna Basket

Bless Ministries of Mobile wants to ensure that hungry people are able to eat.  We are doing this by providing a way for people to get food when they are unable to provide for themselves.  Food banks are designed to allow recipients a specific list of food items that are filled according to the supply on hand.  This does not always agree with what someone may actually eat but it is taken because it is food.  The Manna Basket is not a food bank; it is a super market that can only be accessed by approval through Bless Ministries. 

Applicants are approved after an interview to assess their need.  They are issued a membership card that is presented in order to enter the store and check out. The check out process is only for inventory reasons, there is no charge to anyone for the food.   


Manthano School of Ministries

Study for the sake of learning…

Have you ever wanted to learn just for the sake of learning?  Would you like to be a part of some higher education that affords you the chance of  learning what you enjoy without being threatened by failure? 


No Test, No Pressure…

What you learn is not measured by your ability to pass or fail a test.  Learning should be based solely upon what you are able to take in and use.  Retention levels are higher when study is without pressure to pass a test.  Manthano allows the students a chance to learn inside their true ability, without tests.  


Our focus is centered on making the learning process an experience not a task.  Education should be a natural part of the human experience of learning.  People should be shown how they can excel in knowledge by experiencing the information more than just remembering courses for the purpose of graduating.  Manthano School of Ministries teaches how to study better, learn more and become excellent in your giftings and callings.  The final outcome of education should bring the graduate to a knowledge that the human experience of learning is so they can become a teacher in their knowledge and help others to experience even more. 


This will be a regular four year Bible school with a fifth and sixth year for a seminary level education.


It is our hope that every partner will covenant with us to pray for each of these visionary ministries.  We stand in faith, praying for the outpouring of God's promises to Bless Ministries Mobile USA.

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