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Andrew Gardner
Brad Sullivan
Mary Sullivan
Brigitte Gabriel
Children's Bibl Stories

Children's Bible Stories

     Children's Bible Stories


Coach David Verdu

     Four P's for Your Life


     What are You Waiting For


Dan Calic

     Is God and Allah the Same?


David Barton

     America's Foundation


David Edwards

     From This Day Forward:  1. Seek God

     From This Day Forward:  2. Fight Fair

     From This Day Forward:  3. Have Fun

     From This Day Forward:  4. Stay Pure

     From This Day Forward: 5. Never Give Up  


Dick Braswell

     Anchors That Hold

     Choosing and Refusing

     Getting the Supply to the Need

     How to Change Things

     When You Feel Like Quitting

     Worthy is the Lamb


Dr. Lanetta Armstrong

     Yeshua or Jesus?


Dr. Robert R. Perkinson

     God Wants to Talk to You

     Meditation Where God Talks to You

     What is Spirituality


Dr. Theresa Phillips

     Royal Walk in Christ



     Muslims, Who and What They Are


Gene Brack



James Dina


     Concealing the Word of God

     Deep Things Out of Darkness

     God Does Unsearchable Things

     Speak the Truth Clearly

     Spiritual Deafness

     Streams from Lebanon

James G. Graham

     Discovering Your God-Given Gifts

Jimmy Wade

     You are Stronger than You Think

Joshua Holder

     If God is in the Neighborhood

     God's Set Time


Louie Giglio

     How Great is Our God!


Mark Moses

     A Loyal Heart

Matt Ward

     Rebuilding the Temple


Matthew McConaughey

     Success Chasers


Michelle Stringfellow

     Do It Afraid

Pam Brunson

     Fear Unbelief

Priscilla Paul

     Global Revival

     Revival!  Revival!  Revival!


Scott Howard

     Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

     Christmas. .A Season of Miracles

     Christmas Faith

     Claim It and Loose It!

     Don't Quit

     Grace for My Place

     I AM

     I Hear the Sounds. . .of Breakthrough

     It's Coming. . .Dig Ditches!

     Living from the Presence

     Message of the Cross

     Prayers of Affirmation

     Radical Freedom

     Through It All

     We are Bold Because of the Blood of Jesus

Susan Howard

     God's Story is About Us

Suzanne Howard

     Anointing Jesus


Stephen Ladd

    Talking to Strangers about Jesus Christ

Steve Harvey

     Stress is Necessary to Succeed


Steven Sadler

     Church's Love for Jesus

Vincent Robinson

     Homosexuality. .Silent No More 

Vincent Robinson
Scott Howard
Mathew McConaughey
Matt Ward
Louie Gigio
Gene Brack
Joshua Holder
Dr. Theresa Phillips
Dr. Robert R. Perkinson
Dr. Lanetta Armstong
Dick Braswell
David Edwards
David Barton
Dan Calic
Coach David Verdu
Steve Harvey
Susan Howard
Mark Moses
James Dina
Priscilla Paul
Michelle Stringfellow
Suzanne Howard
James G. Graham
Steven Sadler
Stephen Ladd
Pam Brunso
Jimmy Wade
Johnny Holland

Johnny Holland 

     Abba Father

     Abundant Life Experience

     After Christmas He Changed the Rules

     At Christmas He was Made Flesh

     Anyone Out There Who Wants to Know God?

     Are We there Yet?

     Authority of the Believer

     Baptism, What is It?

     Becoming a Good Student

     Becoming a Self-Sustaining Church

     Becoming the Blessing

     Being Crucified with Christ

     Being Filled with the Spirit of God

     Being Holy

     Being in the Spirit

     Being Spiritual

     The Best Flood is a Drought

     Blessings in Heavenly Places


     Can We Know Truth?


     The Church

     Church Leadership

     Declare It in Faith

     Define Your Life Purpose

     Defining the Gospel

     The Devil

     Doing Things God's Way

     Do We Need Prophets Today?

     Faith Enough

     Faith Waiting


     Fields of Faithfulness

     Finding Your Purpose

     Free Will

     Forgiven:  1. God is Holy

     Forgiven:  2. We are Forgiven

     Forgiven:  3. Levels of Forgiveness

     Forgiven:  4. Forgive and Be Free

     Generational Curses

     God Advantage

     God's Blessings

     Going to Church

     Have No Other gods Before Me

     Hard Sayings

     He Challenges Me


     Hearing God's Voice

     Heaven, Hell, and the Lake of Fire

     Hedge of Protection

     Holy Marriage

     How God Fills Our Need

     How the Holy Spirit Works on the Earth

     How to Live a Good Life

     How to Overcome a Temptation of Sin

     Humble Leader


     Idea of Truth

     If I were to Build a N.T. Church Today

     In Due Season

     Instead Of

     Is God Sovereign?

     Is Salvation Safe?

     Is the Truth in You?

     Jealous God

     Jesus versus Satan

     Keeping Satan Back

     Kingdom of God is Near You

     Knowing How to Read in the Bible

     Laid in a Manger

     Law of the Mind

     Laws of the Harvest

     Live and Walk in the Spirit

     Living Holy

     Looking in the Eyes of Jesus

     Love and Forgiveness

     Manifested Prayers

     Manifesting Blessings in the Telegu Language

     Manifesting Blessings in the Oriya Language

     Mindful Worship

     Ministers of Integrity

     Moriah, for My Lowest Days

     Murmuring is a Cancer

     Not Ashamed of the Gospel

     Nothing Seems to Work for Me

     Oh God, Meet My Need!

     Perfect Work of Patience

     Power in Your Words

     Praise and Worship

     Presences of God

     Protection or Destruction

     Purpose is Important

     Relationships More than Things

     Salvation by No Other Name

     Seizures. . .Epileptic or Demonic

     Should the Minister Live by Faith?

     Simple Evangelism

     Speaking in Tongues

     Storms and Earthquakes

     To Whom Much is Given


     Using More Than Three Dimensions

     Using Your Spiritual Tools

     Wait and Let Me See Says the Lord

     We are not Created Sinful

     What Do You Do on a Rainy Day in an Ark?

     What's Wrong with Wrong?

     What Should I Wear?

     What the Church is Supposed to Do

     Why Am I Still Waiting?

     Why We Must Preach

     Where Did the Wise Men Come From?

     Who I Am in Christ

     Wise Men Know

     Work of the Holy Spirit

     You are Designed for His Purpose

     You are the Reason for His Season

     Your Anointing

     Your Spiritual Closet

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