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Gethsemane Prayer Home Ministries

Acchiyamma Colony, Kovvur Town, India

I am Kolli Sakshi Babu from the Acchiyamma Colony in Kovvur Town.  I am an independent Lord’s Servant that has been working for His Glory in the West Godavari District of India for the last twenty years.   

I was married until six years ago when my wife chose to leave me and my son, Naveen Paul, because of Satan's influence in her life.  I am  presently attending a residential college to better myself so I can care for my son better.  We are living in a rented house with three small rooms.

Before I became a servant for the Lord I worked driving an acid tanker for the government.  One day while travelling an accident resulted in the acid getting on me and burning 75% of my body.  While in the hospital the doctors had no hope for my life.  A servant of the Lord visited me and prayed for me.  I saw a great light in the hospital room and I heard the Lord's voice say, "Don't worry, I am with you."  Wandering what was happening I called out to the servant of God and he told me the Almighty was talking with me.  Later I was completely healed of my injuries.  Being faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ who healed me, I determined to resign my government job and went to Guntur for Bible Training where I received my Bachelor of Theology.

The Holy Spirit led me to share the gospel among the heathen people and I was able to  construct a church building by the help of some local Christian philanthropists and church elders.   I became greatly burdened over paying out rent money for my residence that I tried to build a house on top of the church building.  Pillars were built and put in place, but I have not been able to finish the construction due to enough funds.  My son Naveen Paul is now studying in a private college and I have to pay the high cost for his education.  We are trying to raise enough to finish the first floor and add our living spaces to the church level.

We have congregations in the town of Kovvur and village of Kumaradevam.  These two churches are called the Gethsemane Full Gospel Church.   We have thirty-two pastors that assist us to in our vision to win many more souls to the kingdom of God by using outreach meetings, gospel rallies, street meetings, door to door campaigns with tract distribution, prayers for sick in government hospitals, and counselling for HIV/AIDS patients.  We continue to give support for the elderly, widows, and raising support for pastors.

Here are pictures of the rural flock who are part of the oppressed classes that are helpless and very poor.  They work the agricultural fields for small wages that are not even enough to survive.  Among these are orphans, helpless elderly and distressed widows for our congregations.  They are in need of daily bread, clothing and shelter.