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Partnership with Bless Ministries of Mobile is a relationship for building ministry. 

When a ministry, a person, or an organization becomes partners with us it is not based upon what they have donated into our ministry, but it is a process where we have exchanged history and collected information on both sides, to analyzed how we can best assist them for growing in the Kingdom of God. 


Those who request partnership have learned of our ministry through Facebook, this website, and other social media websites.  They make requests by sending a comment in the menu above.  We answer the request by sending three emails that explains the details and history of our ministry.  The first email is an inquiry of their history and purpose that allows us to start the process of partnership.  Because social media is not always reliable, it is necessary for us to investigate all request to see if they are serious ministries that are developing their purpose in the Kingdom of God.  We do this using the information they share and searches we make through social media.  Once we have assurances that their purpose is true for the cause of Jesus Christ we progress further into our relationship of building ministry together with the many opportunities we offer.

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