I am Pastor Chevvetti Paul Raju, an independent Lord's servant from east Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh State, India.  My ministry is for God's glory among the oppressed classes of the Indian society.

I come from a traditional Hindu family where my father and mother were idol worshipers.  I followed along with them in these traditions until I was nineteen years old.  I came to know Jesus through my close friend when I visited his church in Jaggampeta, a small town near my village Talluru.  The pastor was praying for me when he touched my forehead and I feel into a deep sleep.  I was wakened by a bright light and found myself in my room at home.  I heard a melodious voice saying to me, "Oh! my son!  Wake up and come into light".  Once I became fully conscious the words I heard touched me deep in my soul.  The next day I went back to the same church and asked the pastor about my holy experience.  The pastor explained that the Lord had talked with me and called me into his work for our region.  I later went to study the Bible at the Rehma Bible College at Hyderabad.

Bless Ministries of Talluru, India

It became a holy burden for me to organize outreach services to feed the orphan children and care for the oppressed classes that are unable to provide from themselves.   I took on the motto, "Serve Mankind in Distress."  Though I am struggling a lot due to financial crisis to continue the Lord's work in order to extend his kingdom, I have planted a church at Talluru.  We have taken in thirty orphan children that we care for and are teaching them how to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ.  We also have twenty pastors working under our leadership to spread the gospel in the remote areas of our district.

I named the ministry Grace Gospel Ministries because by His grace we are able to share the gospel throughout the district of Godavari.  This is an independent ministry that has  an executive committee selected from church elders and believers.

Our vision is to reach the remotes areas with the gospel and extend the kingdom of God in India by sending out the pastors who are preaching the Word of God.  Then we intend on helping the needy with food and clothing as we show them ways they can improve their situations to care for themselves.

On December 12, 2016 I made contact with Johnny Holland, the pastor and president of Bless Ministries Mobile USA through Linkedin on the internet.  Our communications help me to see this was a way we could reach beyond our abilities to do more for the people of India.  I was so moved by the Bless Ministries vision I chose to change the name of our ministry to Bless Ministries of Talluru, India. 

On April 11, 2017 documents were issued by Bless Ministries Mobile USA renaming us as Bless Ministries Talluru and Bless Ministries Church of Talluru, India.

Construction of our church building.

Worship in our new church building.

Here are the pastor that work with us  in Bless Ministries Talluru.

David Raju Mortha
Bless Ministries Church, Ramavaram
Sundar Kumar Geddam
Bless Ministries Church, Rajapudi
Abbulu Kakada and Wife
Bless Ministries Church, P.Jagannadhapuram
Samson Seva
Bless Ministries Church, Mukkollu
David Raju Chittarapu and Wife
Bless Ministries Church, Tankbeedu
Jhashuva Koppana and Family
Bless Ministries Church, Burugupudi
Samuel Raju Akumarthi and Family
Bless Ministries Church, Molleru
Krupavaram Mutyala
Bless Ministries Church, Kattamuru
Issac Chittarapu and Family
Bless Ministries Church, China Senkarlapudi
Joshap Mallavarapu
Bless Ministries Church, Z.Ragampeta
Anadkumar Kalidhindi and Son
Bless Ministries Church, Kandregla
Sattibabu Dondapati and Family
Bless Ministries Church, Vammangi
Daniel Siyadri and Wife
Bless Ministries Church, Rajavammingi
Vijaya Kumar Yedidha
Bless Ministries Church, Jaggampeta
Daniel Muppidi and Family
Bless Ministries Church, Kotananduru
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