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God's Blessings

The main objective of all religious activity is to have the blessings of God demonstrated in one’s life. To actually experience God manifesting his goodness upon you is the ultimate spiritual experience. Even those who do not know God as their father and savior, look to something they worship as a god, and seek blessings for sacrifices or service rendered to that deity. These blessings are longed for because our human experience leaves us weak and unable to obtain holiness, peace, love, knowledge, goodness, kindness, and joy; which are attributes of God.

The more you see who God is the more He manifests himself in your life. You can click on Our Other Blogs and learn more about God. God wants to have relationship with you. He wants to put all that he is in you. He wants to bless you with all blessing in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3). It so pleases God to give us his blessings, he prepared his kingdom just for us who believe (Matthew 25:34; Luke 12:32). It is in the heart of God to bless us with his kingdom, not just in heaven, but also on earth.

Then how does one activate God’s blessings? We have to claim them through Jesus Christ and receive them as they are revealed through revelation in the Word (Ephesians 1:17-23). You hear or learn something about God or Jesus and you respond to it. The Spirit of God will guide you in its truth and confirm through the Word, preaching, or talking to you, that what you have learned is truth. Your response to this truth draws you closer to God and added blessings in your life. The more you respond to revelation the more you are blessed by God.

Living a holy life committed to the Lord Jesus Christ helps produce God’s blessing in your life. God separates himself from sin. When we are living in unconfessed sin, God holds himself back from the sin though he still wants fellowship with us. This sin keeps back the flow of his blessings (Isaiah 59:1-2). Living holy as he is holy pleases God and results are His blessings being manifested out of his pleasure.

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