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Going to Church

What is your experience with church? Do you find yourself attending a church and wondering why you are there? Is the services boring and lack of any excitement? If this is how you find yourself, you need a new revelation of what church is about.

The word "church" is understood as the place where a specific group or congregation meets or ministers. It comes from the Greek word ekklesia (ek-klay-see-ah), meaning "to assemble, or the assembly." "Church" or "the Church" is simply the assembly of people. A Christian church is the assembly of people for the purpose of being followers of Jesus Christ.

There are many reasons people "go to church". Most people go to attend a worship service or spend time in prayer and worship God. People go to church to learn more about being a Christian. You may be going to church for counseling. Then some go to church in order to minister to others.

One of the most asked questions concerning church is "How can you know which is the right Church?" This question is directed to the denomination i.e., Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Church of God, Church of Christ, Non-denominational and so on. How can you know the right one to go to for you and your family? The best way to answer this question is to look at what the church really is and the reasons one should be going to church.

There are two main reasons God instituted the church. The first is to have one body in Christ Jesus, which is called the "Body of Christ." This is to have unity among all the saved. It allows the church to function without geographical boundaries (Colossians 1:17,18,24; 3:11). You do not have to be with one specific assembly in order to do the work of the church. People can be anywhere in the world and still they are part of the church, which is one body in Jesus Christ. Through the body we are to edify each other and minister to each other's needs (Acts 9:32). God gave gifts and ministries to the church to help accomplish what is needed for the body (1Corinthians 12:7-11, 28; Ephesians 4:11-12).

The second reason for the church is for the Holy Spirit to function through people in a corporate way. This will allow the work of the Spirit to be done anywhere in the world (1Corinthians 12:7-11). Corporate worship ensures we have balance and growth in faith. We should never be totally isolated in our faith with God. Coming together with other believers in Christ keeps us from becoming isolated. The corporate worship of the Body of Christ is one of the most powerful means we have as Christians, and with it we can do anything on the face of the earth.

So which is the right church to go to? The right church is not based upon a name or system of denominational teachings. The right church is one who teaches and follows the move of the Holy Spirit. It is also important that the church has a ministry that speaks the truths of Jesus into your life: things like prosperity and favor, holiness, power of the spirit, the anointing, and prophecy. When thinking of the right church to go to make sure it is a church doing something. Look at what the church is doing. Does the ministry of the church help people in the community; does the church outreach do more for missionary work than just send money; does the people of the church reach out to the nations of the world with their resources, people, and teaching? If you are not involved with a church that follows these things, find one and join yourself to them. Then you will be going to a right church.

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