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Knowing How to Read in the Bible

The best way to learn God's revelation about himself is to read in the Bible. There has been much argument concerning the best translation or version of the Bible. Many English speaking people use the King James Version because it has been so widely accept for centuries. Though it is a good version of the Bible, it is difficult to understand the old English style of writing. Many people in the United States use the New International Version. There are many English translations available today, of which I am thankful because the Word of God is easier than ever to get anywhere in the world, and in any language you need. You can even get versions of the Bible on your cell phone. The point is, get a version of the Bible that you can read and understand. Reading from more than one version is the best way to go. This will give you more than one perspective of what God is saying.

Once you have one or more versions of the Bible to read you have to decide where to start reading. It is not so important to read the entire Bible as it is important to read things that will guide you to understand revelation about God the Father, Jesus the son, and the work of the Holy Spirit. I do not recommend starting in the first book, Genesis, and read through the entire Bible. This is a slow learning process and you can become discouraged. I recommend start reading the Gospels first. These are the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Then continue reading Acts, Romans, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. If you read these books first you will learn truths that will help you in your relationship with God. From there it would be good to read the books of Genesis and Exodus before continuing in the New Testament.

At this point it would not matter which books to read next. It is important to finish reading all the others book. Try reading some of the New Testament, then in the Old Testament. This back and forth method will prove to help you not become board or discouraged about reading the entire Bible.

Enjoy the journey through the Bible. Some people use study guides to read through the Bible. These are published suggestions to read certain chapters in a day. This method will usually take you through the Bible in one year.

Whatever method you turn up using, the point is to read the Bible. Everyone should read through the Bible at least once in their life time. So get you a version you enjoy and take off and start reading!!!!

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