Using Your Spiritual Tools

When God sent his Holy Spirit to be our helper (John 15:26), the Spirit made it possible for us to live in the abundance Jesus spoke of in John 10:10. As our helper, the Spirit is the power that generates our spiritual tools. When we choose to use these tools, we do not have to live day-by-day defeated, overwhelmed, or depressed. We can choose to “live in Christ” and be in charge of what controls our health, our mind, our abilities, and our goals.

“. . .as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness. . .” (2Peter 1:3).

The Holy Spirit is our helper, giving us divine power to do anything we need to do, for a successful and purpose filled life.

Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The literal translation in the Greek is:

“I am all strength, might, and power for the one who is energizing me.”

By the power of the Holy Spirit I can be all strength, might, and power for Jesus who gives me power through his Spirit. When I choose to be all things daily, I am using my spiritual tools.

It comes down to faith and choices. By faith we trust in the power given to us by the Holy Spirit and we choose to allow this power to work through us when we use the spiritual tools which are:

  • Gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:1-10)

  • Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22)

  • The Armor of God (Eph. 6:10-17).

As we go about our day, we choose to use these tools and the power of God that works in us, producing results that truly make a difference. Try being the blessing when something goes wrong. Instead of getting angry, use the power of God in your to help the need.

Fruit of the Spirit

Use the fruit to help you become more like the full nature of God. These attributes are part of you once you have been saved. The Holy Spirit is the power that helps us bring them out. This is why it is so important to be filled with the Spirit. No matter what we face each day we can draw from the fruit of the Spirit and project God’s nature upon every situation. Instead of getting angry, being defeated or unable to do things right, we can show love, peace, kindness, joy, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. Reach down inside your spirit and confess to yourself, with faith, that the God in you has given you power to use the fruit of the Spirit and use it.

Gifts of the Spirit

We have gifts of the Spirit to helps us take care of ourselves and each other. We use the power given to us through being baptized in the Spirit to know things of God by the gifts of word of wisdom and knowledge. God moves on someone to speak things into your life, or the Spirit might move on you to do the same for someone else.

When you are sick use the gift of healing and speak to the illness no matter how simple or sever. Do the same for others around you. We do not have to go around sick and dying because of disease. Command for healing in your body and do the same for others.

Have faith to command things to be and use the gift of miracles to provide needs that you cannot provide otherwise. There are times when you or someone you know has a need but there is no means for providing that need. We can call forth things in the name of Jesus Christ. Romans 4:17 tells us: “. . .God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did.” Speak to your need in the name of Jesus Christ and command it to come forth. Do it for yourself or reach out and help others. The gift of miracles is a wonderful gift we have to provide when we have no other means.

We have the gift of discerning spirits so we can control demonic spirits from attacking us. This gift allows us to know when Satan and demons are lurking. We can see and sense them and command them to leave us alone. 1John 4:1 teaches us to not believe every spirit but test them to know whether they are of God or not. We can know what Satan is doing and we can know the devices he uses to trap and deceive us (2Cor. 2:11).

The gift of speaking in tongues is a powerful tool available to reach God without Satan and demons knowing what we pray about. We can also use this tool to speak to God about something when we don’t know how to voice it. When we speak in tongues we are speaking to God through the Holy Spirit who makes utterances to God for us while we are speaking utterances out loud (1Cor. 14:2). Things we want to say to God the Spirit says for us in ways we would not be able to.

Interpretation of tongues is just that. This gift helps us understand when the utterances have been presented for the purpose of prophecy. The Spirit moves on you or someone else who interprets what was spoken in tongues as prophecy to an individual or a group of people.

Armor of God

This tool is our way to overcome anything that would come against us. When you use the Armor of God with the other tools you become a power that no one can defeat, destroy, or overcome.

We use truth to defeat all lies. God is all truth but people do not always endorse truth. Satan is the father of lies and he has used religion, science, philosophy, and traditions of society, and the works of our flesh so that it is difficult at times to know what is truth. Learn to use the Word of the Spirit and the Gospel of peace to find truth. Depend upon the guidance of the Spirit for truth (John 16:13) regardless what religious groups or people may say.

We use the righteousness of Jesus Christ as our righteousness to help us be right in our thinking, actions, and behavior.

Salvation is our renewing ability to change our mindset. We can receive truth that is from the Spirit and the Word to help us be more like God. Salvation also renews our fellowship with God. Anything that comes against that relationship can be overcome by holding to salvation.

Faith is the fiber that ties all spiritual abilities together. Faith is the only thing that is in all three spiritual tool groups. All things are possible because of faith.

The last tool of the Armor of God is praying in the Spirit. This is our way to communicate beyond anything that tries to come against us. Your own private ability to talk with God in the spirit causes your spirit to bear witness with God’s Spirit which completes your faith and righteousness.

It is Your Choice!

When you want to make a difference in your circumstances choose to use the power of God in you. The same it true with spiritual tools. When you work with hand tools you choose the right tool for the task.

If you are having health issues, use the power of God in you and command healing for that need. Place your hand on the area of your body that needs healing and command, in the name of Jesus Christ, for it to be healed. If you have a need to learn something command your mind to conform to God’s power in you and receive the information you are learning or researching.

Every part of the spiritual tools are available to us at any time we need them. Put your faith out there and command these tools to manifest in your life, You will find it not only becomes your help in times of need, but anyone around you can benefit from them also.

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