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Your Spiritual Closet

Partly inspired by Scott Howard, Pastor of Life Church Mobile.

In America we have closets to put our clothing in. Some have little small closets, while others have large walk-in closets. Some have closets so large they are extra floors in their house.

Whether your closet is large or small, you use it to store clothing and other important things you want to keep.

Get dressed on purpose!

When getting dressed, I usually look in my closet and make some selection that has to do with what I am doing for the day.

Get dressed on purpose!

Put on Christ! Romans 13:14, Gal 3:27

Praise God with a purpose!

So what is in your spiritual closet?

You should not allow just anything to be put in your closet.

Romans 13:11-13

The deeds of my day determines the attire that I ware.

Ware the clothes Jesus paid for you to ware.

Keep you some clothes around that you can ware with anything.

Put on the garments of Praise! Isa 61:3

No matter what breaks out in your life, when you have your garment of

Praise on, it is going to see you through.

You wear what's going to make you look good.

Keep your garment of thanks and praise close, put on your helmet of Salvation. Eph. 6:10…

All of my clothes have designer labels:

Four Lines of Clothing: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, I AM

God Line: Yahweh, Jehovah God, Jehovah Rapha etc. Elohim,

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Jesus Line: Yeshuah, Jesus the Christ, Jesus is King, Jesus is Lord.

Holy Spirit Line: Power in the name of Jesus, etc

I Am Line: I am a believer

I am Crucified daily

I am Redeemed

I am Saved

I am Forgiven

I am Healed

I am Not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

I am all things for Him who energizes me.

You use what is in your closet, at least you should.

So often people have many things in their closet they will never ware again.

I am not wearing the clothes of my past that are too small for me.

These people who wear things too small… Really? Have you been to Walmart lately?

In Christ Jesus these old clothes are out of style.

Move beyond the hand-me-downs your momma and daddy gave you.

The Holy Spirit will tell you that doesn't look good on you anymore!

That attitude don't look good on you anymore!

It's time to get dressed up for success….

Trade some stuff in.

Let your spirit tell your mind what its wearing today!

Let your spirit tell your body what its wearing today!

Tell your emotions what their wearing today! How they are going to be.

Tell your attitude what its wearing today! What it's going to be like

Tell your mouth what its wearing today! What it's going to say.

Tell your ears what its wearing today! What it's going to hear.

Tell your heart what its wearing today! Who it's going to love.

Is it time for you to make a trip to Goodwill and get rid of some clothing?

That old stuff that just don't fit anymore. Get you a box, fill it up and get rid of all those clothes of your pasts, and get rid of it!

Pack up the old trunks, the old bags, say to yourself, "I am a new creature

And I am not wearing those old clothes anymore!

I am wearing my new clothes, provided by the blood of Christ."

Get dressed with a purpose today!

I have decided I am too big to wearing around the hurt and pain of my past.

I'm too big for that, that same old outfit…Remember the leisure suites?

There is a reason no one wears them anymore!

Are you still wearing a leisure Suite?

But I got it from my parents, so what Jesus is Lord

Wear his clothing….who is your savior?

Quit wearing those old hand-me-down attitudes!

Get rid of it. God has clothed you in his righteousness!

God has clothed you in his strength!

He has clothed you in his glory! Those old clothes don't fit you anymore.

Isa 52:7-10

I am going to wear shoes that can go anywhere.

High heels can't take you over the rocks. Vs 9 the waste places. I am going to wear shoe

That can walk through the waste of the world, that can walk and not be stopped.

Everywhere that my feet step, these shoes will carry me.

I have places to go and I need shoes that work.

The shoes of the world do not fit me anymore. They hurt and are tight,

Trying to squeeze my feet to stop me from going.

Walk in the Spirit……Mountain climbing shoes.

Shoes where you can say, I may not know where I going, but God needs me

To walk over mountains, so I need shoes that will get me there.

Shoes that will walk through the waste places of your life.

Shoes that will walk through the bareness of your life

Walk through the hurt and pain of your past. Walk through every point of

destruction in your past. And declare, Our God reigns!

Do you hear my waste places?

Do you hear me places of pain?

I have gotten dressed today with a full purpose, and I have on my Spiritual shoes today, and you better hear me!

I am making a declaration in my life:

"Every place that has caused hurt, every place that stole from me or brought havoc in my life, I am making a declaration and saying AS I walk among you my God Reigns!

You don't reign over me and you don't rule over me! You don't tell me what to do,

You don't dictate my future! You don't dictate who I am or how blessed I am!

You do not dictate what I can and cannot do.

My shoes according to God are shod with the preparation of peace.

I am ready to walk among the waste places because this is what I have discovered,

God calls me to sing (Isa 52:9) in the midst of my wasted places.

Real praise and thanks will teach my ruins to rejoice!

The ruins of that destroyed family, marriage, of your brokenness, hurts and pains,

Even of my own failures and shortcomings. Because as a believer I have to keep my

will of joy strong."

Ephesians 5 says to speak to yourselves in hymns, songs and spiritual songs.

Speak to yourself. In hymns, and songs and spiritual songs, making melody in your heart.

Sing to yourself and praise God!

2Chron 20 they went out singing to themselves:

"Praise (give thanks to) the Lord, for His mercy endures forever!"

In the midst of the battle God called them to increase their thankful sensitivity.

So I declare today that Praise is going to be what I ware.

Praise is what I am going to put on.

Then I can wear Jesus with joy, with excitement, with all expectations of who he is.

What are you wearing?

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