Partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA enjoy a huge worldwide network of ministries that can be accessed to empowering their ministries through the power of prayer.  We offer a ministry the ability to use the power of prayer on a corporate level with ministries around the world as they share prayer requests through our Facebook Worldwide Prayer Network.


Partners are able to share any prayer request by posting it to the site.  Other partners around the world read the prayer requests and interact by posting prayers and comments of encouragement under that specific prayer request.  This process is a wonderful way for ministers and ministries to have pray going on around the world to meet their own needs. 


Our prayer network allows you pray for others around the world also.  It is a wonderful thing to pray for people anywhere in the world.  Through our Worldwide Prayer Network you can post your prayers as you give encouraging comments to those who are in great need.

This is a private group for partners of Bless Ministries only.  Anyone may join by being approved or invited once they or their ministry has been accepted as a partner of the Bless Ministries organization.